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un C.I smd notat: 23843 ,ce este ?!

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- va rog, am o sursa la reparat, am citeva comp. avariate in aceasta zona, iar despre C.I smd notat 23843 nu gasesc nimic !, sa fie de fabr. fuji electric sub forma FA23843 ?, am gasit datasheet pt. FA13843 power supply controler cu echiv. direct uc3843, sa fie cam acelasi lucru ?!, poate aveti ceva mai multe date, va rog

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derivat de aici:


Pai ce cautati pe un forum daca nu intelegeti mesaje simple?

1-nu stiam ce este acel marcaj

2-am gasit cu google pe un site de vanzari ca ar fi FA13843

3- nu sant sigur de echivalarea de la acel site.

4- daca am integratul intact verific daca macar pinul de masa corespunde cu cel din PDF. Asta se face cu ohmetrul, asa cum am spus.

Eu ti-am aratat drumul pe care l-as fi facut eu daca eram in aceeasi situatie.

Daca te innebunesc, te trec pe lista de "ignore".

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Pt cultura dumitale generala, si pt a vedea ca raspunsurile simple nu sant neaparat utile, citeste mai atent pdf-urile celor 2 categorii.

FA este in alta tehnologie fata de UC


n Description

The FA1384X series are CMOS current mode control ICs for

off-line and DC-to-DC converters.

These ICs can reduce start-up circuit loss and are optimum for

high efficiency power supplies because of the low power

dissipation achieved through changes in the CMOS fabrication


These ICs can drive a power MOSFET directly.

The high-performance, compact power supply can be


A typical start-up circuit is shown in Fig. 4.

The AC INPUT voltage charges capacitor C2 and supplies

start-up current to the IC through start-up resistance R1. When

this voltage reaches the ON threshold voltage, the IC reverts to

the operation mode and electric power is supplied from the

bias winding of the transformer thereafter.

Using CMOS process, the start-up current is less than 30mA.--aici sant microamperi, la copy/paste nu apare micro

When the start-up resistance is increased, the charging rate of

capacitor C2 decreases and start-up time increases. Select

the optimum values for R1 and C2.


FA are max 30microamperi curent de start iar UC are tipic 500microamperi



Ist Start-up Current 0.5 1 0.5 1 mA

Ii Operating Supply Current VPIN2 = VPIN3 = 0V 11 20 11 20 mA

Viz Zener Voltage Ii = 25mA 34 34 V


Asa ca daca pui UC in loc de FA vei astepta 100 ani sa porneasca.



Am verificat din nou, la copiere transforma simbolul micro in mili


Item Symbol Test condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit

Standby current ICCL FA13842, 13844 Vcc=14V 2 mA--micro

FA13843, 13845 Vcc=7V 2 mA--micro

Start-up current ICC ST Vcc=Start threshold 12 30 mA--micro

Operating current ICC OP 3 5 mA

Zener voltage (Vcc) VZ Icc=5mA 28 30 34 V

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