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LED-uri 1W, 10W, surse, module 5050, controllere RGB

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1. LED-uri 1W, surse si radiatoare


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1leu/buc sau 45lei/50buc sau 80lei/100buc

LED 1W WARM WHITE 80-100lm 3000-3200K; 3.2-3.4V ;max.350mA

LED 1W COLD WHITE 80-100lm 6000-6500K; 3.3-3.5V ;max.350mA


Radiatoare Al pentru LED-uri de 1W sau 3W

1 LED - 0.5lei/buc

3LED-uri - 1.5lei/buc

5LED-uri - 3lei/buc

7LED-uri - 3lei/buc


Surse LED-uri 1W

- 3 x 1W - 8lei/buc

Intrare: 85-265V; Iesire: 10V; Curent:300-330mA

Dimensiuni: 22 * 16 * 16 mm


- (4-7) x 1W - 10lei/buc

Intrare: 85-265V; Iesire: 12-25V; Curent:280-330mA

Dimensiuni: 40 * 17 * 19 mm

Over voltage, overload, short circuit protection


2. LED-uri 10W - 15lei/buc sau 50lei/4buc


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UalimL:12V I:900mA

10W WARM WHITE 3000-3200K

10W COLD WHITE 6000-6500K

10W BLUE Lungime de unda: 460-465nm

10W COLD WHITE 10.000K (18lei/buc)

10W COLD WHITE 20.000K (18lei/buc)


Cooler pentru LED10W - 7lei/buc (se vinde doar impreuna cu LED10W)

Posted Image


3. Surse LED-uri 10W


Posted Image Posted Image


Intrare: AC 85V - 265V ;Iesire 9V-12V ;curent 900mA

Temp lucru: -20°C to 80°C


Sursa 10W - 25lei/buc

Sursa waterproof IP67 pentru LED10W - 30lei


4. SET sursa + remote + LED10W RGB - 60lei/buc


Posted Image

Culoare LED :RGB

Tensiuni alim. :Red 5.4-6.6V;Green 8.7-9.3V; Blue9 9.0-9.6V.

Curent: 300-330mA

Unghi vizualizare: 140 grade

Lungimi de unda :Red 620-630nm,Green 515-525nm,Blue 455-465nm

Intensitate luminoasa:Red 100-120LM,Green 140-160LM, Blue 45-60LM

LED-ul se monteaza obligatoriu pe radiator.


5. Module LED 5050 COLD WHITE Waterproof


Posted Image


Posted Image


Modul 3LED 5050 COLD WHITE Waterproof 12V;0,72W ;90 * 15 * 5mm - 3,5lei/buc

Modul 4LED 5050 COLD WHITE Waterproof 12V; 0,96W;35 * 35 * 5mm- 4,5lei/buc


6. Module LED 5050 RGB Waterproof


Posted Image


Posted Image


Modul 3LED 5050 RGB Waterproof 12V - 5lei/buc

Modul 4LED 5050 RGB Waterproof 12V - 6lei/buc



7.Controllere RGB pentru banda de LED-uri RGB


a)Mini RF Wireless LED Remote Controller for RGB 5050/3528 LED Lights Strips - 35lei/buc

Input voltage: 5V - 24V

Output :3 Channels

Output current:<4A(each channel)

Transmission/Receiving frequency:433.92Mhz

Size:L 85 * W 40 * H 6mm


b)Controller RGB IR for RGB 5050/3528 LED Lights Strips - 15lei/buc

24 Keys IR Remote Controller for RGB LED

Connecting Mode: Common Anode

Control Range: 5-10 meters

Supply Voltage: DC 12V

Max. Load Current: 2A each color

Suporta benzi cu LED-uri 5050 RGB si 3528 RGB

Efecte implementate: Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth


Posted Image Posted Image


8.1M banda RGB waterproof + Controller 44 taste - 40lei

Disponibil 1 set

Posted Image


Comanda minima 70lei

Transport+ramburs 11lei

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