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Guest holdsurub

Plasma Panasonic 42pz70ea defecta

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Guest holdsurub

Sunt posesorul acestei plasme care are urmatoarele simptome:O pornesc din buton se aprinde ledul verde dar clipind se aud releele cuplind ,sta zece secunde dupa care se stinge ledul verde si se aprinde ledul rosu luminind intermitent.Va rog poate sa-mi spuna cineva care ar putea fi defectul,condensatorii nu sunt umflati.Multumesc!

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Nu cred ca ar rezolva mare lucru cu decuplarea la Panasonic. Procesorul cauta feedback de la fiecare modul si daca nu sunt conectate o sa-i dea alt cod de eroare. E o modalitate prin care se poate decupla, dar trebuie pus ceva la masa de pe modulul Y, e un cablu special facut de panasonic pentru service. O sa incerc sa caut buletinul tehnic de la ei, dar numai vineri ajung la munca.Apropo de cite ori clipeste led-ul rosu (ia in considerare si pauzele intre)?

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Guest holdsurub

Da acum am numarat de cite ori clipeste ledul rosu si va spun ca acesta clipeste de 7(sapte)ori dupacare face pauza si din nou repeta ciclul.Va multumesc pentru consultatie.

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Gogu zice de obicei defect SC, daca nu atunci SD sau SU


Gogu mai zice deconecteaza SD, SU, daca nu mai da eroarea asta reconecteaza-le pe rind si vezi care il face sa dea eroare


Da' nu te lua dupa ce am gasit eu pe gogu, stai mai bine sa raspunda cineva care stie, sa nu-l strici si mai rau




http://www.justanswer.com/tv-repair/1uo ... links.html


http://hsindependance.hubpages.com/hub/ ... nk-failure

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Asta ar trebuii sa te ajute in identificarea placii defecte. Luat din maualul service:


Check to see if the P10 15V rail drops as soon as the P5 switched 15V rail comes up (controlled by PANEL

MAIN ON > 3V signal). This indicates the PSU is not able to supply enough current on the 15V line and is

shutting done. Replace PSU to confirm.

Manually checking the PSU

Unplug following connectors: P2, P11, P5, P25, P10, and SS12

On the disconnected SS12 plug, link pins 8 and 10 on this connector using a paper clip> into the holes of the

plug end of cable.

This will simulate the on/off switch and tell the PSU micro to start up and should get the PSU running after

applying 3v to:

1. Pin 13 P25 (FSTBY ON) to bring up the FSTBY 15V rail from P10

2. Pin17 P25 (PANEL MAIN ON) to bring up all other rails i.e. P12 (pin 4 >15v, pin 1> 75v) , P5 ( pin

1> 15v), P2 (pin 1> 190V) , P11 (pin 1>190V), P25( pin 7 > 5v, pin 1 > 15v)

You will need to place a 100W bulb on Vsus line > P11 (pin 1) as a load for the PSU. The above OUTPUT

RAILS SHOULD NOW COME UP AND STAY THERE. If not, then the PSU is at fault.

Isolating Suspect Heavy Loads

The C PCB’s use 75V and D, SC, and SS PCB’s use the 15V rail from T301 in PSU

1. Isolate the SC PCB by disconnecting SC2, SC20 connectors and see if set runs.

a. If running, then reconnect SC PCB without the SU or SD plugged into it.

b. If it fails to run as before then check SC20 drive signals are OK (indicating D PCB is running) if

drive is there > then SC PCB is faulty.

c. If SC20 drives are missing then D PCB is suspect

2. Isolate the top C boards by pulling > SS23 (75V) > if the set runs then there is short on the 75V line on

the top C pcbs> impedance check and compare against other C pcbs.

3. Isolate the bottom C boards by pulling > SS33 (75v) > if the set runs then there is short on the 75V line

on these C pcbs> impedance check the line and compare against other C pcbs.

4. Isolate SS pcb by pulling : SS11, SS35, SS12 and link pins 8/10 of SS 12 plug (to simulate the on/off



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Guest saimarica

Buna ziua,Am un Panasonic plasma TX-P42GT30E, care nu se aprinde, butonul este verde dar se aude un fasait si atat.Mentionez faptul ca l-am primit de la cineva din familie care la luat de la munca din depozit, este posibil sa fie display-ul defect, sau care sa fie problema.Cu respect,Multumesc,

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Guest saimarica

Buna ziua,Se pare ca este spart display-ul, daca aveti solutii de unde as putea cumpara un display, va rog sa-mi spuneti.Multumesc,

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