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Line follower (ATMega16)

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Zilele astea am inceput sa lucrez la un line follower cu uC ATmega16.


#include <avr\io.h>#include <avr\interrupt.h>#define MOTOR1_DDR  DDRA#define MOTOR1_PORT PORTA#define ACTVIVARE1 PA0#define INTRARE1 PA1#define PWM1_DDR  DDRD#define PWM1_PORT PORTD#define PWM1 PD5#define MOTOR2_DDR  DDRA#define MOTOR2_PORT PORTA#define ACTIVARE2 PA3#define INTRARE2 PA4#define PWM2_DDR  DDRD#define PWM2_PORT PORTD#define PWM2 PD4#define SENZOR_DDR DDRC#define SENZOR_PIN PINC#define S1 PC0#define S2 PC1#define S3 PC2#define IN_AFARA_LINIEI (sensors == 0)#define AFARA_CENTRU_DREAPTA (sensors == 1)#define AFARA_CENTRU_STANGA (sensors == 4)#define AFARA_DREAPTA (sensors == 3)#define AFARA_STANGA (sensors == 6)#define PE_LINIE (sensors == 7)void stop1(){	OCR1A = 0;	MOTOR1_PORT &= ~(_BV(INTRARE1));}void stop2(){	OCR1B = 0;	MOTOR2_PORT &= ~(_BV(INTRARE2));}void mergiINAINTE1(float speed){	MOTOR1_PORT &= ~(_BV(INTRARE1));	OCR1A = (int)(255 * speed);}void mergiINAINTE2(float speed){	MOTOR2_PORT &= ~(_BV(INTRARE2));	OCR1B = (int)(255 * speed);}void mergiINAPOI1(){	MOTOR1_PORT |= _BV(INTRARE1);	OCR1A = 0;}void mergiINAPOI2(){	MOTOR2_PORT |= _BV(INTRARE2);	OCR1B = 0;}void vireazaSTANGAbrusc(){	stop1();	mergiINAINTE2(1);}void vireazaDREAPTAbrusc(){	stop2();	mergiINAINTE1(1);}void vireazaSTANGAlin(){	mergiINAINTE1(0.5);	mergiINAINTE2(1);}void vireazaDREAPTAlin(){	mergiINAINTE2(0.5);	mergiINAINTE1(1);}void init(){	TCCR1A = _BV(COM1A1) | _BV(COM1B1) | _BV(WGM10);	TCCR1B = _BV(WGM12) | _BV(CS10) | _BV(CS12);	MOTOR1_DDR = MOTOR2_DDR = PWM1_DDR = PWM2_DDR = SENSOR_DDR = 0;	MOTOR1_DDR |= _BV(ACTIVEAZA1) | _BV(INTRARE1);	MOTOR2_DDR |= _BV(ACTIVEAZA2) | _BV(INTRARE2);	PWM1_DDR |= _BV(PWM1);	PWM2_DDR |= _BV(PWM2);	SENSOR_PIN &= ~(_BV(S1) | _BV(S2) | _BV(S3));	MOTOR1_PORT |= _BV(ACTIVEAZA1);	MOTOR2_PORT |= _BV(ACTIVEAZA2);	mergiINAINTE1(1);	mergiINAINTE2(1);}	int main(){	init();	unsigned char sensors;	while (1)	{		sensors = SENSOR_PIN & (_BV(S1) | _BV(S2) | _BV(S3));		if (AFARA_STANGA)		{			vireazaDREAPTAlin();			continue;		}		if (AFARA_DREAPTA)		{			vireazaSTANGAlin();			continue;		}		if (AFARA_CENTRU_STANGA)		{			vireazaDREAPTAbrusc();			continue;		}		if (AFARA_CENTRU_DREAPTA)		{			vireazaSTANGAbrusc();			continue;		}		if (IN_AFARA_LINIEI)		{			mergiINAPOI1();			mergiINAPOI2();			continue;		}		mergiINAINTE1(1);		mergiINAINTE2(1);	}	return 0;}

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