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Buna seara!Pana acuma am programat in ASM , insa vreau sa incep sa invat si ceva C, folosesc MPLAB + High tech C si nu gasesc un "macro" ( librarie ) buna si nu as vrea sa o folosesc tot pe cea din ASM :) . Daca are cineva una care sa aiba si configuratia pinilor cat mai usor de customizat :) .Multumesc mult :)!P.S.: Daca exista vreun compiler C mai bun ca asta dar atentie , FREE , astept pareri , multumesc .Din cautarile facute asta parea cel mai bun...

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Top Posters In This Topic

O librarie pe care am scris-o in AVR32 studio ... se poate porta usor si pentru PIC doar modifici pinii unde sunt definiti .

/* * lcd_driver.h * *  Created on: Jul 14, 2010 *      Author: noob64 */#include <stdarg.h>int s_contor=0;int s_end = 0;unsigned char s_count=0;#ifndef LCD_DRIVER_H_#define LCD_DRIVER_H_#define RS   AVR32_PIN_PB12#define RW   AVR32_PIN_PB13#define E    AVR32_PIN_PB14#define DB4  AVR32_PIN_PB15#define DB5  AVR32_PIN_PB16#define DB6  AVR32_PIN_PB17#define DB7  AVR32_PIN_PB18#define LCD_BCKL AVR32_PIN_PB19#endif /* LCD_DRIVER_H_ */char lcd_buffer[21];void lcd_putchar(char c,unsigned char x,unsigned char y);//pune caracter la x,yvoid transferthedata (unsigned char data);//transfera datelevoid writecommand(unsigned char data);//scrie comanda la lcdvoid writedata(unsigned char data);//trimite comanda la lcdvoid init_lcd();//initializare lcdvoid write_char(char chr);//trimite caracter la lcd (fara pozitionare, se incrementeaza cursorul)void lcd_setup(unsigned char lcd , unsigned char bkl);//setare lcd on/off , bkl on/offvoid lcd_clear();//clear lcdvoid lcd_gotoxy(unsigned char x ,unsigned char y);//pozitionare cursor la x(coloana), y(linie)void lcd_puts(char *c,unsigned char x,unsigned char y);//pune string la x,yvoid lcd_delay();void scrolling_text(char *text,unsigned char x,unsigned char y,int delay); //afiseaza scrolling textunsigned char vector_init[]={12,0x03,0x03,0x03,0x02,0x02,0x0C,0x00,0x08,0x00,0x01,0x00,0x06};void transferthedata (unsigned char data){   if (data & 0x01)      setbit(DB4);   else if ( ! (data & 0x01) )      clrbit(DB4);   if ( ( data >> 1 ) & 0x01 )      setbit(DB5);   else if ( !(( data >> 1 ) & 0x01) )       clrbit(DB5);   if ( ( data >> 2 ) & 0x01 )      setbit(DB6);   else if ( !(( data >> 2 ) & 0x01) )       clrbit(DB6);   if ( ( data >> 3 ) & 0x01 )      setbit(DB7);   else if ( !(( data >> 3 ) & 0x01) )       clrbit(DB7);}void lcd_delay(){	cpu_delay_us(850,FOSC0_redef);}void writecommand(unsigned char data)   {      clrbit(E);      clrbit(RS);      clrbit(RW);      transferthedata(data);      setbit(E);      lcd_delay();      clrbit(E);      lcd_delay();//10ms   }void writedata(unsigned char data)   {      clrbit(E);      setbit(RS);      clrbit(RW);      transferthedata(data);      setbit(E);      lcd_delay();      clrbit(E);      lcd_delay();   }void init_lcd(){	unsigned char i=0;	delay_ms(30);	for(i=1;i<=vector_init[0];i++)	{		writecommand(vector_init[i]);		delay_ms(5);	}}void write_char(char chr){   writedata(chr >> 4);   writedata(chr);}void lcd_setup(unsigned char lcd , unsigned char bkl){	if(lcd == 1)	{		writecommand(0x00);		writecommand(0x0C); //display on  ; cursor , blink off	}	else	{		writecommand(0x00);		writecommand(0x00);	}	if(bkl == 1)		setbit(LCD_BCKL);	else		clrbit(LCD_BCKL);}void lcd_clear(){	writecommand(0x00);	writecommand(0x01);}void lcd_gotoxy(unsigned char x ,unsigned char y){if(y==2){	writecommand(0x0C); //muta cursorul	writecommand(0x00); //pe linia 2}if(y==1){	writecommand(0x00); //muta cursorul	writecommand(0x02); //pe linia 1}while(x!=0){	writecommand(0x01); //muta cursorul	writecommand(0x04); //in dreapta cu 1x--;}}void lcd_putchar(char c,unsigned char x,unsigned char y){	lcd_gotoxy(x,y);	write_char(c);}void lcd_puts(char *c,unsigned char x,unsigned char y){	unsigned char i;	lcd_gotoxy(x,y);	for(i=0;i<strlen(c);i++)		write_char(c[i]);}void long2lcd(unsigned long x,unsigned char z,unsigned char y){        unsigned long limita;        unsigned char nrz;        unsigned char fost;        unsigned char r=0;        limita=10000000;        fost=0;        while (limita>=10){                nrz=48;                while (x>=limita){                        x-=limita;                        nrz++;                        fost=1;                }                if (fost) {                	lcd_putchar(nrz,z+r,y);                	r++;                }                limita/=10;        }        lcd_putchar(x+48,z+r,y);}void nr2lcd(unsigned char c,unsigned char x,unsigned char y){        lcd_putchar(48+c/10,x,y);        lcd_putchar(48+c%10,x+1,y);}void scrolling_text(char *text,unsigned char x,unsigned char y,int delay){unsigned char i;char to_lcd[21];s_count++;if(s_count == delay){s_end = strlen(text);	for(i=0;i<=20;i++)	{		to_lcd[i] = text[i+s_contor];	}	if(s_contor <= s_end-20)		s_contor++;	else s_contor = 0;	lcd_puts(to_lcd,x,y);	s_count =0;}}void lcd_printf(unsigned char x, unsigned char y, char *format, ...) {	lcd_clear();	char buffer[21];	va_list args;	va_start(args, format);	vsprintf(buffer, format, args);	lcd_puts(buffer, x, y);	va_end(args);}
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