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lcd de nokia 3310 conectat la portul LPT

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And yes the display uses serial protocol and I'm bitbanging the bits through a parallel port pin.


I have the display connected to the parallel port data pins and I'm also powering the display from the parallel port. I'm using a LP2950 regulator to get the +3.3v voltage from the parallel port's +5v. For the 5v to 3.3v logic level conversion I'm using a 74LCX245 chip that seems to fit this purpose well. The reason I chose these components is that I already had them so I didn't need to go looking for anything else. There are also many other ways to handle the level conversions. I believe that the PCD8544 chip could also work fine at 5v logic levels but I haven't tested that and it's out of the normal working specs of the chip. So you're on your own if you test that.


This is how I have the display interfaced to the parallel port:

LPT pin 2 <-> SCLK 1

LPT pin 3 <-> SDA 2

LPT pin 4 <-> RES 4

LPT pin 5 <-> CE 8

LPT pin 6 <-> D/C 16

LPT pin 7 <-> POWER 32


As you can see I'm taking power from pin 7 for all the parts I mentioned in this post. It has been working fine for me but I take no responsibility if you kill your parallel port or something else doing to same connections.


I have connected the VOUT pin of the display through 2.2uF capacitor to ground. PCD8544 datasheet says 1uF is minimum. Also I have a 1uF capacitor at the output of LP2950.


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nu e nimik pe situ ala legat de soft :(

chestia asta nu te ajuta?http://www.techdesign.be/projects/routi ... _voids.htmdaca nu.... tot de unde ai pus prima schema: http://forum.lcdinfo.com/viewtopic.php?t=387 :wink:daca nici pe acolo nu te descurci vezi si http://www.skippari.net/lcd/lcdinfo.htmlsi mai precis http://www.skippari.net/lcd/lcd_info_v0.3.2.zipceva de testare http://www.skippari.net/lcd/testprog.htmls.a.m.d. :shock: eu am instalat programul asta LCDinfo pot sa aleg tipul de afisaj, programul care il indica (cum ar fi Winamp) da' nu am LCD fizic :lol:
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