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se poate face usb--usb


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de curid am vazut prin magazine adaptoare pt retea usb-usb,adica comunkiare intre 2 calculatoare prin usb!detine cineva o schema de asa ceva?

vrei sa folosesti cablul pt transfer de fisiere ?am vrut si eu sa fac astfel si mi-a zis cineva ca nu ar merge ca ar face scurt intre cele 2 capete ale usb-ului , si cea mai buna metoda pentru transfer de fisiere e un cablu de retea tip cross-over
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pai cablul nu e unu mormal,mai are ceva interpus intre cele doua mufe usn!ma intereseaza acel dispozitiv,nu cred ca merge direct puse cele doua mufe.schema de la acel dispozitiv o are cineva?

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nu cred să găseşti schema, pentru cei de afară cei 10-20 de dolari cât costă un cablu de transfer usb2usb e o sumă rizibilă...iar diy se aplică la stuff scump... de regulă, peste 100 de dolari...dacă o găseşti, însă, ţi-am fi recunoscători!! :yawinkle:

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nişte citate:


sursa: http://www.usb.org/about/faq/ans5


Q5: How can I connect two PCs to each other with USB?

A5: You need a specialized USB peripheral known as a USB bridge (sometimes called a USB to USB adapter) to do this. Without a USB bridge, connecting a USB port of a PC directly to another PC's USB port can damage the computers.


Q6: You mean I can't make a direct cable connection like a null modem?

A6: Correct. In fact, if you try this with an illegal A to A USB cable, you'll short the two PCs' power supplies together, possibly destroying one or both machines or causing a fire hazard. Even there were no danger to the machines from the problem with two power supplies, there still wouldn't be any way to get the two PCs talking to each other, since USB doesn't support that particular kind of communication. A reasonably priced solution to handle this need is the USB bridge.


Q8: What if I want to network a whole bunch of PCs together with USB?

A8: If you need to connect just a few machines, USB bridges and a hub or two will work. USB was not designed to be a LAN, however, and there are certain safety hazards associated with trying to use USB with large numbers of PCs. There's also a large performance penalty compared to a real LAN. If you need a LAN, use a technology intended to be used as a LAN, such as Ethernet.

şi ceva de citit: http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articl ... bmain.html


altă soluţie ar fi să foloseşti adaptoare usb2ethernet, şi cablu ftp/utp crossover.

sau adaptoare usb2bluetooth...


un cablu usb special făcut pentru transmisia de date între 2 pc-uri costă cam 30-40 de lei... dacă vrei să conectezi mai mult de 2, mai tre un hub usb, şi câte un cablu d'ăla pentru fiecare pc în parte... având în vedere rata de transfer şi costurile implicate, ieşi mult mai ieftin cu un switch, plăci de reţea şi cabluri ftp!!!

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