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Hello all, I'm an English guy living in Romania for a while, sadly my Romanian is sucking, I'm trying to find some people to collaborate with on some projects involving electronics, fabrication and mechanical engineering, I think I'm onto and exciting idea but really struggle to find like minded/positive minded people to collaborate with. From my limited understanding of Romanian this seems like a good place you be looking. All thoughts, ideas and feedback appreciated, if you want to know more about the actual projects and my motivation please ask. :)

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Hi, firstly, thanks for replying, I have a number of projects but I'll start with a simple one, I want to build a heavy duty servo. So just like an RC servo but with the electronics and code on an Arduino or similar. Something you can help with? I have some interesting things to trade if that helps :)


Thanks again for your response :)


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Please provide more details, because I'm not sure what it is that you want to build. Links to similar projects/devices would be great.

A "servo" is basically an electric motor, with certain optimizations for usage in highly-varying load/rpm/torque.

Note that there a a lot of servos, drivers, and control modes. Selecting the proper one is fundamentally related to the job it's supposed to do.

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I want to use it to move the steering on an ATV or small tractor, it needs to be something that has a PWM input so it can be connected to a standard RC receiver



Something like that but that's not the way I'd go about it from a mechanical perspective 




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A RC standard receiver deals with PPM signals, not PWM.

There are high torque servos to buy, no need to improvise.


Most of the improvisations of beginners like you are costlier than available products to buy, and rarely reliable enough to use them.


You are going to waste your time and money. One day, when you will be more experienced, maybe you could try to do it yourself.

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I was using the servo as an example because I'm looking for someone to collaborate with, I'm not looking to learn these skills myself as I have other skills that compliment these skills, I'm trying to build a team for a bigger project that rewards all those involved, hence me specifying that I'm looking for more people to collaborate with, we have a small team already but we need an electronics and programming guy. Cheers for taking your time to reply anyway. :)


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