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Inlocuire TDA7566 la RCD300

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Nu cred ca poti inlocui TDA7566 cu TDA7560 sau TDA7388 pentru ca TDA7566  este comandat I2C ( daca inlocuiesti cu unul din cele doua nu ai sa ai Stand-By si Mute)


I2C bus interface Data transmission from microprocessor to the TDA7566 and vice versa takes place through the 2 wires I2C BUS interface, consisting of the two lines SDA and SCL (pull-up resistors to positive supply voltage must be connected).

Celelalte doua nu "stiu" I2C. 


C5 si C6 trebuiesc schimbate.

Ai aici pdf-urile:




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Daca te poti lipsi de stand by si mute,  intrerupi trase la pinii 22 si 25 si le legi la Vs.



Standby and muting If standby and muting are not used, a straight connection to VS of their respective pins would be admissible.


Mai ai de schimbat condensatorii C5 si C6 si gata.


Daca insa vrei si stand by si mute atunci ai ceva modificari de facut :


Conventional/low-power transistors can be employed to drive muting and standby pins in absence of true CMOS ports or microprocessors. R-C cells have always to be used in order to smooth down the transitions for preventing any audible transient noises. Since a DC current of about 10 µA normally flows out of pin 22, the maximum allowable muting-series resistance (R2) is 70 k, which is sufficiently high to permit a muting capacitor reasonably small (about 1 µF). If R2 is higher than recommended, the involved risk is that the voltage at pin 22 may rises to above the 1.5 V threshold voltage and the device consequently fails to turn OFF when the mute line is brought down. About the stand-by, the time constant to be assigned in order to obtain a virtually pop-free transition has to be slower than 2.5 V/ms.


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Am rezolvat cu Tda7560.

Am comparat foile de catalog si se aude super.

Am inlocuit condul de 10 micro din pinul 10 cu unul de 47 micro.

Am eliminat rez de 100r din pinii 22 si 25(clock si data).

Am aplicat din colectorul lui IC4171C 12v prin 10k in pinul 4 al finanului(stand by).

In pinul 22(mute) am aplicat din acelas loc 12v prin 47k.

Practic am pierdut doar functia mute care nu ma intereseaza nici pe mine si nici pe client.

Mentionez ca 12v pt stand by si mute apare doar in power on,in stand by dispare.

Se putea lua aceasta comanda pt stand by si mute si din alte locuri cum ar fi alimentare antena sau display.


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