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Dan Morar

Tub ELL80 sau ECLL 800 sau 6HU8

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Pentru un bun amic Tub ELL80 sau ECLL 800

Identical 6HU8 = ELL80

Interesat de aceste tuburi



QQE03/12 is indeed a popular substitute for ELL80, but socket connections are different and electrical parameters aren't the same.

A perfect substitute on most instances is the ECLL800.

It can be exchanged for the ELL80 with a single rewire of pin 1 at the socket or a tube adapter.

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ELL80 si ECLL800 nu sunt chiar la fel ,una are o trioda in plus ,si interesant ca are g1 comuna cu una din pentode.....pinul 1 are rol diferit la cele 2......pt  diy ,no problem, sau  atunci daca este loc se poate folosi si 2 buc EL95.


Daca este bun QQE2/12 atunci se poate pune echivalentul rusesc  GU17 , care se gaseste si este ieftin.


The GU-17 beam-power double tetrode is used for generation of power amplification at frequencies up to 250mHz in RF equipment. Equivalent to the QQE03/12, CV2798.


  • Cathode: indirectly heated, oxide coated.
  • Envelope: glass, miniature.
  • Height: at most 80mm.
  • Diameter: at most 22.5mm.
  • Mass: at most 25g.


  • Vibration loads: frequencies 20-600Hz, acceleration 59m/s^2.
  • Multiple impacts with acceleration: 118m/s^2.
  • Single impacts with acceleration: 490m/s^2.
  • Linear loads with acceleration: 294m/s^2.
  • Relative humidity at up to +40C: 98%.

    Electrical Parameters

  • Heater voltage: 6.3V.
  • Heater current: 0.72-0.88A.
  • Mutual conductance (at anode and grid 2 voltages 200V,
    grid 1 voltage -16V of first tetrode,
    grid 1 voltage -100V of 2nd tetrode): 1.6-3.3mA/V.
  • Anode current (at anode and grid 2 voltage 200V,
    grid 1 voltage -16V of 1 st tetrode,
    grid 1 voltage -100V of 2nd tetrode): 10-30mA.
  • Interelectrode capacitance: input 5.2-7.8pF, output 2.2-3.2pF, transfer, at most 0.1s.
  • Warm up time, at most 40s.
  • Output power (at anode voltage 300V, grid 2 voltage 200V, voltage - 80V of grids 1), at least 11W.
  • Output power over 400 h of service, at least 8.8W.

    Limit Operating Values

  • Healer voltage:
    with parallel-connected heater 5.7-7V,
    with series-connected heater 11-14V.
  • Anode voltage: 400V.
  • Anode voltage at the instant of switching on: 450V.
  • Voltage between cathode and heater: -150V to +150V.
  • Cathode current: 100mA.
  • Dissipation: anodes 12W, grid 2 3W, grid 1 0.5W.
  • Operating frequency: 250mHz;
  • Envelope temperature: 260C.


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Acum 22 minute, SHONELU a spus:


Am un ELL80, este o lampa foarte rara, pretul este 260 de lei plata pe cont.

Daca te intereseaza lasa-mi mesaj.

Buna , multumesc, transmit mai departe partii interesate

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