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circuit 36A65 sursa Toshiba 32E2533D

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Mi-a venit integratul,am pus si apar toate tensiunile  dar ledul rosu nu se aprinde.Acuma am observat ca una din tensiunile ,mai exact 12V pentru placa de baza trece printr-un FET care e comandat ,am vazut ca nu primeste comanda din MainB.Ce am facut ,am dat eu dintr-o sursa externa

si ledul rosu imediat s-a aprins.Dat degeaba dau din butoane sa porneasca ca nu face sa treaca pe verde.Am tensiunile pe main de 5V si 3,3V prezente.Problema e ca nu gasesc manual nici la sursa si nici la main.Poate e din soft ,are cineva salvat macar partea de SPI?Ca nand nu prea cred.

Va multumesc.

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Iti miroase a trecere de Traznarica si Fulgerica prin  zona ?

Ceva urma de "flame" prin zona hdmi sau scart ?

Daca s-au intalnit cei mai de sus amintiti cred ca ai nevoie de un alt mb digital...

Sau poate teleul a mai fost praduit de vreun meserias inaintea ta de placa logica...

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Cred ca ultima varianta  


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1-Press "Mute" & 'Menu" buttons on the remote control simultaneously.
2-Press "Menu"' button on the remote control, and enter {4 => 7 => 2 => 5}
3-Press 'Volume Down' button on the front panel of the TV and press and hold digit '9' on the remote control.
4-With No Menu displayed on the panel, press 'AV" & "F' buttons simultaneously.
Enter code {1 => 0 => 4 => 8} by the remote control.
5-Press 'Mute' button on the remote control.
Press 'Mute' button again.  While keep pressing the 'Mute' button, press "Menu" button on the TV SET.
"S" will be displayed at top right corner of the screen.
Press 'TV (ANT) / VIDEO" button on TV; to get a single Horizontal Line On | Off [to adjsut screen voltage]
Press 'TV (ANT) / VIDEO' button on the Remote Control; to select internal Test Signals.
Use 'Ch Up | Ch Dn' buttons to call an item to adjust.
Use 'Vol Up | Vol Dn' buttons to adjust the data value to selected item.
To make adjustment menu On \ OFF, press 'Menu' button.
To 'initialize' the memory IC (QA02), press "Recall + Channel Up" button on the 'TV'.
Press 'Recall + Channel Dn" button on the 'TV', to initialize self diagnostic data

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