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Doua chestii am observat la ultima versiune.

1.In urma unui DiskCleanUp gerberele erau afișate așa cum se vede in imagine


S-a rezolvat cu reinstalare.

2.Am observat că la ultimul pas(cnc job) modificarea valorilor pentru adâncime si feed nu are efect decât dacă sunt modificate din Preferințe.Am realizat după ce am pornit programul.

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La punctul 1 era activata cumva optiunea 'Follow'.

La punctul 2, o solutie temporara (pana public v 8.99) este sa apesi Enter dupa fiecare modificare a unei valori.

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Nu, nu era activ opțiunea follow pur si simplu încărcăm gerberul si il afișa ca si cum ar fi follow.

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De fapt ma refeream la faptul ca intr-un fel sau altul fisierul Gerber se incarca in modul 'follow'. Se poate intampla ceva similar cand se foloseste fisierul cu preferinte de la o versiune mai veche a FlatCAM beta intr-o versiune mai noua.

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FlatCAM 8.991


Download link 32bit aici.

Download link 64bit aici.

Download link surse (Linux, OS X) aici.


Ce este nou:


v 8.991 este o versiune care nu contine mare lucru ca imbunatatiri (cu o exceptie) dar are multe bug-fix-uri pentru versiunea v 8.99 (despre care nu am mai postat aici pentru ca la scurt timp am vazut ca sunt bug-uri destul de serioase si am asteptat sa fac releasul pt 8.991, adica acesta).


Ce aduce semnificativ versiunea 8.991 este faptul ca acum fisierele Gerber se pot 'colora' individual prin meniul care apare la click dreapta pe obiectele in Project Tree (partea stanga, in 'notebook'). Ajuta la diferentierea intre top, bottom etc.

Se pot tipari acum PDF-uri. Atat din Film tool dar si general.


Este foarte mult de scris in ceea ce priveste diferentele fata de versiunea 8.98 asa ca va las sa cititi in limba engleza si sa spicuiti din notitele mele din logul de dezvoltare.

Mai jos deci, sunt toate insemnarile pentru diferentele fata de 8.98. Sunt cateva tool-uri noi, imbunatatiri in performanta si multe alte.




- updated all the translations files
- fixed the big mouse cursor in OpenGL(3D) graphic mode to get the set color
- fixed the cursor to have the set color and set cursor width in the Legacy(2D) graphic engine
- in Legacy(2D) graphic mode fixed the cursor toggle when the big cursor is activated
- in Legacy(2D) fixed big mouse cursor to snap to the grid
- RELEASE 8.991


- updated the POT file and the translation files for German, Spanish and French languages
- fixed some typos


- modified the ToolDB class and changed some strings
- Preferences classes now have access to the App attributes through app.setup_obj_classes() method
- moved app.setup_obj_classes() upper in the App.__init__()
- added a new Preferences setting allowing to modify the mouse cursor color
- remade the GUI in Preferences -> General grouping the settings in a more clear way
- made available the Jump To function in Excellon Editor
- added a clean_up() method in all the Editor Tools that need it, to be run when aborting using the ESC key
- fixed an error in the Gerber parser; it did not took into consideration the aperture size declared before the beginning of a Gerber region. Detected for Gerber files generated by KiCAD 5.x
- in Panelize Tool made sure that for Gerber objects if one of the apertures is without geometry then it is ignored
- further modifications in Preferences -> General GUI
- further modifications in Preferences -> General GUI - extended the changes
- in Legacy(2D) graphic engine made to work the mouse color change
- theme changing is no longer auto-reboot upon change; it require now to press a button
- cleaned the Preferences classes and added the signals and signal slots in those classes, removing them from the main app class
- each FlatCAM object found in Preferences has it's own set of controls for changing the colors
- added a set of gray icons to be used when the theme is complete dark (for now it is useful only for MacOS with dark theme because at the moment the app is not styled to dark UI except the plot area)


- fixed an issue in old default file detection and in saving the factory defaults file
- in Preferences window removed the Import/Export Preferences buttons because they are redundant with the entries in the File -> Menu -> Backup. and added a button to Restore Defaults
- when in Basic mode the Tool type of the tool in the Geometry UI Tool Table after isolating a Gerber object is automatically selected as 'C1'
- let the multiprocessing Pool have as many processes as needed
- added a new Preferences setting allowing a custom mouse line width (to make it thicker or thinner)
- changed the extension of the Tool Database file to FlatDB for easy recognition (in the future double clicking such a file might import the new tools in the FC database)


- edited some icons so they don't contain white background
- fixed an incorrect usage of object in the app.select_objects() method
- fixed a typo in ToolDB.on_tool_add()


- some fixes in the Legacy(2D) graphic mode regarding the possibility of changing the color of the Gerber objects
- added a method to darken the outline color for Gerber objects when they have the color set
- when Printing as PDF Gerber objects now the rendered color is the print color
- speed up the plotting in OpenGL(3D) graphic mode
- speed up the color setting for Gerber object when using the OpenGL(3D) graphic mode
- setting color for Gerber objects work on a selection of Gerber objects
- ~~when the selection is changed in the Project Tree the selection shape on canvas is deleted~~
- if an object is selected on Project Tree and it does not have the selection shape drawn, first click on canvas over it will draw the selection shape 
- in Tool Transform added a new feature named 'Buffer'. For Geometry and Gerber objects will create (and replace) a geometry at a distance from the original geometry and for Excellon will adjust the Tool diameters
- solved issue #355 - when the tool diameter field in the Edit → Preferences → Geometry → Geometry General → Tools → Tool dia is only one the app failed to read it
- solved issue #356 - in Tools DB can not be added more than one tool if a translation is active 
- some changes related to the fact that the geometry default tool diameter value can be comma separated string of tool diameters


- added a new option for the Gerber objects: on the project context menu now can be chosen a color for the selected Gerber object
- fixed issue in Gerber UI where a label was not hidden when in Basic mode
- added the color parameters of the objects to the serializable attributes
- fixed Gerber object color set for Legacy(2D) graphic engine; glitch on the OpenGL(3D) graphic engine
- fixed the above mentioned glitch in the OpenGL(3D) graphic engine when an Gerber object has been set with a color


- fixed a typo in Distance Tool


- fixed a rare issue in the generation of non-copper-region geometry started from the Gerber Object UI (selected tab)
- Print function is now printing a PDF file for a selection of objects in the colors from canvas 
- added an icon in the infobar that will show more clearly the status of the grid snapping
- in Geometry Object UI (selected tab) when a tool type is changed from no matter what to V-shape, the cut_z value is saved and when the tool type is changed back to something different than V-shape, this saved cut-z value is restored
- fixed re-cut length entry not staying disabled when the re-cut cb is not checked


- in 2-Sided Tool added a way to calculate the bounding box values for a selection of objects, and also the centroid
- in 2-Sided Tool fixed the Reset Tool button handler to reset the bounds value too; changed a string
- added Preferences values for PDF margins when saving text in Code Editor as PDF
- when clicking Cancel in Preferences now the values are reverted to what they used to be before opening Preferences tab and start changing values
- starting to work to a general Print function; for now it will generate PDF files; currently it works only for one object not for a selection
- added shortcut key CTRL+P for printing to PDF method


- added new parameters to improve Gerber parsing
- small optimizations in the Preferences UI
- the Jump To function reference is now saving it's last used value
- added the ability to use the Jump To method in the Gerber Editor
- improved the loading of Config File by using the advanced code editor
- fixed a bug in the new feature 'extra buffering'
- fixed the creation of CNCJob objects out of multigeo Geometry objects (objects with multiple tools)
- optimized the NCC Tool


- more optimizations in NCC Tool
- optimizations in Paint Tool
- maximum range for Cut Z is now zero to deal with the situation when using V-shape with tip-dia same value with cut width
- modified QValidator in FCDoubleSpinner() GUI element to allow entering the minus sign when the range maximum is set as 0.0; also for positive numbers allowed entering the symbol plus
- made sure that if in Gerber UI the isolation is made with a V-Shape tool then the tool type is automatically updated on the generated Geometry Object
- added ability to save the Source File as PDF (still have to adjust the page size)
- fixed the generate_from_geometry_2() method to use the default values in case the parameters are None
- added ability to save the Source File as PDF - fixed page size and added line breaks
- more mods to generate_from_geometry_2() method
- fixed bug saving the FlatCAM project saying the file is used by another application
- fixed issue #347 - a Gerber generated by Sprint Layout with copper pour ON will not have rendered the copper pour


- in Geometry Editor added support for Jump To function such as that it works within the Editor Tools themselves. For now it works only in absolute jumps
- modified the Jump To method such that now allows relative jump from the current mouse location
- fixed the Defaults upgrade overwriting the new version number with the old one
- fixed issue with clear_polygon3() - the one who makes 'lines' and fixed the NCC Tool
- some small changes in the FlatCAMGeometry.on_tool_add() method
- made sure that in Geometry Editor the self.app.mouse attribute is updated with the current mouse position (x, y)
- updated the preprocessor files
- fixed the HPGL preprocessor
- fixed the CNCJob geometry created with HPGL preprocessor
- fixed GCode generated with HPGL preprocessor to output only integer coordinates
- fixed the HPGL2 import parsing for absolute linear movements
- fixed the line endings for setup_ubuntu.sh


- fixed a bug that created a crash in special conditions; it's related to the QSettings in FlatCAMGui.py
- added a script to remove the bad profiles from resource pictures. From here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22745076/libpng-warning-iccp-known-incorrect-srgb-profile/43415650, link mentioned by @camellan (Andrey Kultyapov)
- prepared the application for usage of dark icons in case of using the dark theme
- updated the languages
- fixed a typo
- fixed layout on first launch of the app
- fixed some issues with the recent preparation for dark icons resource usage
- added a new preprocessor file contributed by Daniel Friderich and added fixes for it
- modified the export_gcode() method and the preprocessors such that the preprocessors now have the information if to include the gcode header
- updated all the translation PO files and the POT file
- RELEASE 8.99


- finished the strings update in the Google-translated Spanish
- finished the strings update in the Google-translated French


- HPGL2 import: added support for circles, arcs and 3-point arcs. Everything works only for absolute coordinates.
- removed the .plt extension from Gcode extensions
- some strings updated; update on the Romanian translate
- more strings updated; finished the Romanian translation update
- some work in updating the Spanish Google-translation
- small updates (Google Translate) in Russian and Brazilian-PT languages


- finished the Calibration Tool
- changed the Scale Entry in Object UI to FCEntry() GUI element in order to allow expressions to be entered. E.g: 1/25.4
- some small changes in the Scale button handler in FlatCAMObj() class
- added option to save objects as PDF files in File -> Save menu
- optimized the FlatCAMGerber.clear_plot_apertures() method
- some changes in the ObjectUI and for the Geometry UI
- finished a very rough and limited HPGL2 file import 


- started work in HPGL2 parser
- some more work in Calibration Tool


- small changes in the Geometry UI
- now extracut option in the Geometry Object will recut as many points as many they are within the specified re-cut length
- if extracut_length is zero then the extracut will cut up until the first point in path no matter what the distance is
- in Gerber isolation, when selection mode is checked, now area selection works too
- in CNCJob UI, now the CNCJob objects made out of Excellon objects will display their CNC tools (drill bits)
- fixed a cumulative error when using the Tool Offset for Excellon objects
- added the display of the real depth of cut (cut z + offset_z) for CNC tools made out of an Excellon object
- for OpenGL graphic mode added a fit_view() execution on canvas initialization
- fixed Excellon scaling the UI values
- replaced the SpindleSpeed entry with a FCSpinner() GUI element; if speed is set to 0 it will amount to None


- updated the border for fit view on OpenGL graphic mode
- Calibration Tool - added preferences values
- Calibration Tool - more work on it
- reverted this change: "selected object in Project used to ask twice for UI build" because it will not build the UI when a tab is closed for Document object and the object is selected
- fixed issue after Geometry object edit; the GCode made from an edited object did not reflect the changes in the object
- in Object UI, the Scale FCDoubleSpinner will no longer work for Return key press due of issues of unwanted scaling on focusOut event
- in FlatCAMGeometry fixed the scale and offset methods to always process the self.solid_geometry
- Calibration Tool - finished the calibrated object creation method
- updated the POT file
- fixed an error in the German PO file
- updated the languages PO files
- some fixes on the app.jump_to() method
- made sure that the ToolFilm will not start saving a file if there are no objects loaded
- some fixes on the app.jump_to() method for the Legacy(2D) graphic mode


- Calibrate Tool - rearranged the GUI
- in Geometry UI made sure that the Label that points to the Tool parameters show clearly that those parameters apply only for the selected tool
- fixed an small issue in Object UI
- small fixes: selected object in Project used to ask twice for UI build; if scale factor in Object UI is 1 do nothing as there is no point in scaling with a factor of 1
- in Geometry UI added a button that allow updating all the tools in the Tool Table with the current values in the UI form
- updated Tcl commands to make use of either 0 or False for False value or 1 or True for True in case of a parameter with type Bool


- renamed Calibrate Excellon Tool to a simpler Calibrate Tool
- Calibrate Tool - when generating verification GCode it will always load into an Editor from which it can be edited and/or saved. On save the editor will close.
- updated the CNCJob and Drillcncjob Tcl Commands to use 0 and 1 as values for the parameters that are stated as of bool type, beside the normal keywords of False and True
- Calibrate Tool - working on it


- fixed the toggle_units() method so now the grid values are accurate to the decimal
- cleaned up the Excellon parser and fixed some bugs (old and new); Excellon parser has it's own convert_units() method no longer inheriting from Geometry
- in Excellon UI fixed bug that did not allow editing of the Offset Z parameter from the Tool table
- in Properties Tool added new information's for the tools in the CNCjob objects
- few bugs solved regarding the newly created empty objects
- changed everywhere the name "postprocessor" with "preprocessor"
- updated the preprocessor files in the toolchange section in order to avoid a graphical representation of travel lines glitch
- fixed a GUI glitch in the Excellon tool table
- added units to some of the parameters in the Properties Tool


- in NCC Tool, the new Geometry object that is created on copper clear now has the solid_geometry attribute where the geometry is stored not only in the obj.tools attribute
- Copper Thieving Tool - added units label for the pattern plated area
- Properties Tool - added a new parameter, the copper area which show the area of the copper features for the Gerber objects
- Copper Thieving Tool - added a default value for the mask clearance when generating pattern plating mask
- application wide change: introduced the precision parameters in Edit -> Preferences who will control how many decimals to use in the app parameters
- changed the FCDoubleSpinner, FCSpinner and FCEntry GUI elements to allow passing an alignment value: left, right or center (not yet available in the app)
- fixed the GUI of the Geometry Editor Tool Transform and adapted it to use the precision setting
- updated Gerber Editor to use the precision setting and the Gerber Editor Transform Tool to use the FCDoubleSpinner GUI element
- in Properties Tool added more information's regarding the Excellon tools, about travelled distance and job time; fixed issues when doing Properties on the CNCjob objects
- TODO: I need to solve the mess in units conversion: it's too convoluted 


- made sure that if an older preferences file is detected then there are no errors and only the parameters that are currently active are loaded; the factory defaults file is deleted and recreated in the new format
- in Preferences added a new button: 'Close' to close the Preferences window without saving
- fixed bug in FCSpinner and FCDoubleSpinner GUI elements, that are now the main GUI element in FlatCAM, that made partial selection difficult
- updated the Paint Tool in Geometry Editor to use the FCDoubleSpinner
- added the possibility for suffix presence on the FCSpinner and FCDoubleSpinner GUI Elements
- added the '%' symbol for overlap fields; I still need to divide the content by 100 to get the original (0 ... 1) value
- fixed the overlap parameter all over the app to reflect the change to percentage
- in Copper Thieving Tool added the display of the patterned plated area (approximate area) 
- Copper Thieving Tool - updated the way plated area is calculated making it a bit more precise but still it is a bit bigger than the actual area
- fixed the Copy Object function to copy also the source_file content
- Copper Thieving Tool - when the clearance value for the pattern plating mask is negative it will be applied to the origin soldermask too
- modified the GUI in all tools making the text of the buttons bold and adding a new button named Reset Tool which have to reset the tool GUI and variables (need to check all tools to see if happen)
- when the Tool tab is in focus, clicking on canvas will no longer change the focus to Project tab
- Copper Thieving Tool - when creating the pattern platting mask will make a new Gerber object with it
- small fix in the GUI layout in Gerber Editor


- in Preferences added an Apply button which apply the modified preferences but does not save to a file, minimizing the file IO operations; CTRL+S key combo does the Apply now.
- updated some of the default values to metric, values that were missed previously
- remade the Gerber Editor way to import an Gerber object into the editor in such a way to use the multiprocessing
- various small fixes
- fix for toggle grid lines updating canvas only after moving the mouse (hack, actually)
- some changes in the UI layout in Cutout Tool
- added some geometry parameters in Cutout Tool as a convenience, to be passed to the generated Geometry objects


- fixed issue #343; updated the Image Tool
- improvements in Importing SVG as Gerber - added an automatic source generation (it is not infallible)
- a hack to import correctly the QRCode exported as SVG from FlatCAM
- added 3 new tcl commands: export dxf, export excellon and export gerber
- added a Cancel button in Tools DB when requesting to add a tool in the Geometry Tool Table
- modified the default values for the METRIC system; the app now starts in the METRIC units since the majority of the world use the METRIC units system
- small changes, updated the estimated release date
- Tool Copper Thieving - added pattern plating mask generation feature


- small fixes in NCC Tool and in the FlatCAMGeometry class


- in Tool Film added the page size and page orientation in case of saving the film as PDF file
- the application workspace has now a lot more options selectable in the Edit -> Preferences -> General -> GUI Preferences
- updated the drawing of the workspace such that the application overall start time is improved and after first turn on of the workspace, toggling it will have no performance penalty
- updated the workspace functions to work in Legacy(2D) graphic mode
- adjusted the selection color transparency for the Legacy(2D) graphic mode because it was too transparent for the fill


- updated the Film Tool to allow exporting PDF and PNG file (besides the SVG file)


- In Gerber isolation changed the UI
- in Gerber isolation added the option to selectively isolate only certain polygons
- made some optimizations in FlatCAMGerber.isolate() method
- updated the 'single' isolation of Gerber polygons to remove the polygon if clicked on it and it is already in the list of single polygons to be isolated
- clicking to add a polygon when doing Single type isolation will add a blue shape marking the selected polygon, second click will remove that shape
- fixed bugs in Paint Tool when painting single polygon
- in Gerber isolation added the option to selectively isolate only certain polygons - made it to work for Legacy(2D) graphic mode
- remade the Paint Tool - single polygon painting; now it can single paint a list of polygons that are clicked onto (right click will start the actual painting)


- in Tool Fiducials added a new fiducial type: chess pattern
- work in Calibrate Excellon Tool
- fixed the line numbers in the TextPlainEdit to fit all digits of the line number; activated the line numbers for FlatCAMScript objects too
- line numbers in the TextPlainEdit for the selected line are bold
- made sure that the self.defaults dictionary is deepcopy-ed in the self.options dictionary
- made sure that the units are read from the self.defaults and not from the GUI
- added Robber Bar option to Copper Thieving Tool


- Tool Fiducials - added GUI in Preferences and entries in self.defaults dict
- Tool Fiducials - updated the source_file object for the modified Gerber files
- working on adding line numbers to the TextPlainEdit
- GCode view now has line numbers
- solved a bug that made selection of objects on canvas impossible if there is an object of type FlatCAMScript or FlatCAMDocument opened


- Tool Fiducials - finished the part with adding copper fiducials: manual and auto
- Tool Fiducials - added choice of shapes: circular or non-standard cross
- Tool Fiducials - finished the work on adding soldermask openings
- Tool Fiducials - finished the tool
- updated requirements.txt and setup_ubuntu.sh files


- Tool Fiducials - added the GUI and the shortcut key
- Tool Fiducials - updated the icon


- removed the f-strings replacing them with the traditional string formatting due of not being supported by older versions of Python 3
- fixed some TclCommands: MillDrills and OpenGerber
- fixed bug in Tool Subtract that did not allow subtracting Gerber objects
- starting to work on Tool Fiducials - created the file


- finished the Dots and Squares options in the Copper Thieving Tool
- working on the Lines option in Copper Thieving Tool
- finished the Lines option in the Copper Thieving Tool; still have to add threading to maximize performance
- finished Copper Thieving Tool improvements
- working on the Calibrate Excellon Tool - remade the UI


- optimized the storage of the Gerber mark shapes by making them one layer only
- optimized the Distance Tool such that the distance utility geometry will be shown even when the mark shapes are plotted.
- updated the make_freezed.py file to make sure that all the required files are included
- updated the setup_ubuntu.sh to include the sudo command (courtesy of Krishna Torque on bitbucket)


- fixed issue #341 that affected both postprocessors that have inlined feedrate: marlin and repetier. THe used feedrate was the Feedrate X-Y and instead had to be Feedrate Z.


- added all the recognized extensions to the save dialog filters; latest extension used will be preselected next time a save operation occur
- fixed issue #335. The FCDoubleSPinBox (and FCSpinBox) value was not used when the user entered data but just hovered away the mouse expecting the data to be already confirmed
- converted setup_ubuntu.sh to Linux line endings


- made sure that the 'default' postprocessor file is always loaded first such that this name is always first in the GUI comboboxes
- added a class in GUIElements for a TextEdit box with line numbers and highlight


- trying to improve the performance of View CNC Code command by using QPlainTextEdit; made the mods for it
- when using the Find function in the TextEditor and the result reach the bottom of the document, the next find will be the first in the document (before it defaulted to the beginning of the document)
- finished improving the show of text files in FlatCAM (CNC Code, Source files)
- fixed an issue in the FlatCAMObj.FlatCAMGerber.convert_units() which needed to be updated after changes elsewhere


- added two new postprocessor files for ISEL CNC and for BERTA CNC
- clicking on a FCTable GUI element empty space will also clear the focus now


- in Tools Database added a contextual menu to add/copy/delete tool; CTRL+C, DEL keys work too; key T for adding a tool is now only partially working
- in Tools Database made the status bar messages show when adding/copying/deleting tools in DB
- changed all Except statements that were single to except Exception as recommended in some PEP
- renamed the Copper Fill Tool to Copper Thieving Tool as this is a more appropriate name; started to add ability for more types of copper thieving besides solid
- fixed some issues recently introduced in ParseSVG
- updated POT file
- fixed GUI in 2Sided Tool
- extending the Copper Thieving Tool - wip


- fixed a new bug that did not allow to open the FlatCAM Preferences files by doubleclick in Windows
- added a new feature: Tools Database for Geometry objects; resolved issue #308
- added tooltips for the Tools Database table headers and buttons


- updated the make file for frozen executable


- added the '.ngc' file extension to the GCode Save file dialog filter
- made the 'M2' Gcode command footer optional, default is False (can be set using the TclCommand: set_sys cncjob_footer True)
- added a setting in Preferences to force the GCode output to have the Windows line-endings even for non-Windows OS's


- the "CRTL+S" key combo when the Preferences Tab is in focus will save the Preferences instead of saving the Project
- fixed bug in the Paint Tool that did not allow choosing a Paint Method that was not Standard
- made sure that in the FlatCAMGeometry.merge() all the source data is deepcopy-ed in the final object
- the font color of the Preferences tab will change to red if settings are not saved and it will revert to default when saved
- fixed issue #333. The Geometry Editor Paint tool was not working and using it resulted in an error


- added a new setting named 'Allow Machinist Unsafe Settings' that will allow the Travel Z and Cut Z to take both positive and negative values
- fixed some issues when editing a multigeo geometry


- wip
- getting rid of all the Options GUI and related functions as it is no longer supported
- updated the UI in Geometry UI
- optimized the order of the defaults storage declaration and the update of the Preferences GUI from the defaults
- started to add a Tool Database


- fixed the V-shape tool diameter calculation in NCC Tool
- in NCC Tool made the new tool dia (circular type) a parameter in Preferences
- fixed a small issue with clicking in a disabled FCDoubleSpinner or FCSpinner still doing a selection


- converted SolderPaste Tool to usage of SpinBoxes; changed the SolderPaste Tool UI in Preferences too
- fixed a bug in SolderPaste Tool that did not allow to view the GCode


- a bug fix in Geometry Object
- fixed some missing properties in Tool Calculators


- in Tools: Paint, NCC and Copper Fill, when using the Area Selection, now the selected areas will stay drawn as markers until the user click RMB
- in legacy2D graphic engine, adding an utility geometry no longer draw the older ones, overwriting them
- fixed some issues in the Gerber Editor (Aperture add was double adding an aperture)
- converted Gerber Editor to usage of SpinBoxes
- working on the Calibrate Excellon Tool
- converted Excellon Editor to usage of SpinBoxes
- Calibrate Excellon Tool: working on self.calculate_factors() method


- Copper Fill Tool: some PEP8 corrections


- fixed an error in the FCDoubleSpinner class when FlatCAM is run on system with locale that use the comma as decimal separator


- QRCode Tool: added ability to add negative QRCodes (perhaps they can be isolated on copper?); added a clear area surrounding the QRCode in case it is dropped on a copper pour (region); fixed the Gerber export
- QRCode Tool: all parameters are hard-coded for now
- small update
- fixed imports in all TclCommands
- fixed the requirements.txt and setup_ubuntu.sh files
- QRCode Tool: change the plot method parameter
- QRCode Tool: added ability to save the generated QRCode as SVG file or PNG file
- QRCode Tool: added the feature to save the PNG file with transparent background
- QRCode Tool: added GUI category in Preferences window
- QRCode Tool: shortcut key for this tool is now ALT+Q while PDF import Tool was relegated to CTRL+Q combo key shortcut
- added a new FlatCAM Tool: Copper Fill Tool. It will pour copper into a Gerber filling all empty space with copper, at a clearance distance of the Gerber features
- Copper Fill Tool: added possibility to select between a bounding box rectangular or convex hull when the reference is the geometry of the source Gerber object
- Copper Fill Tool: cleanup on not regular tool exit
- Copper Fill Tool: added GUI category in Edit -> Preferences window
- QRCode Tool: added a selection limit parameter to control the selection shape vs utility geo


- added some placeholder texts in the TextBoxes.
- working on QRCode Tool; added the utility geometry and initial functional layout
- working on QRCode Tool; finished adding the QRCode geometry to the selected Gerber object and also finished adding the 'follow' geometry needed when exporting the Gerber object as a Gerber file in addition to the 'solid' geometry in the obj.apertures
- working on QRCode Tool; finished offsetting the geometry both in apertures and in solid_geometry; updated the source_file of the source object


- QRCode Tool - a SVG object is generated and plotted on screen having the QRCode data
- fixed an import error in Distance Tool
- fixed the Toggle Grid Lines functionality


- working on the Calibrate Excellon Tool
- finished the GUI layout for the Calibrate Excellon Tool
- start working on QRCode Tool - not working yet
- start working on QRCode Tool - searching for alternatives


- the context menu for the Tabs in notebook and PlotTabArea is launched now on right mouse click on tabs themselves
- fixed an error when trying to view the source file and there is no object selected
- updated the Objects menu signals so whenever an object is (de)selected in the Project Tab, it's state will reflect the (un)checked state of the actions in the Object menu
- fixed issue in Gerber Object UI of not updating the value of CutZ entry on TipDia or TipAngle entries change. Fixed issue #324


- fixed a small bug in BETA status change
- updated the About FlatCAM window
- reverted change in tool dia being able to take only positive values in Gerber Object UI
- started to work to a new tool: Calibrate Excellon Tool
- solved the issue #329


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Intre timp am mai postat un release dar a fost cu ceva probleme din cauza ca a fost un release foarte mare, muuulte schimbari, asa ca nu am mai scris aici.

Versiunea curenta pt FlatCAm beta pe care tocmai am postat-o pe Bitbucket este 8.993.


FlatCAM 8.993


Download link:

Bitbucket face naxuri. Nu ma lasa sa fac upload la fisiere mai mari cum sunt instalerele. Asa ca aveti aici un link temporar pana se rezolva problema. Este in reteaua RDS-RCS asa ca toate sunt in acelasi link, viteza ar trebui sa fie mare pt toata lumea.


s.go.ro/6l49d8nm | password: 397749


Asa cum stiti de ultimele dati, nu stau sa fac traducere in limba romana (alt roman de scris ...) asa ca aveti detaliile in limba engleza aici. Pt change log-ul la versiunea 8.991 puteti verifica pe forumul FlatCAM aici.


Daca aveti neclaritati intrebati, sunt multe schimbari care pot debusola.



*FlatCAM 8.993*

Temporary download link due of Bitbucket failing to accept uploads:
http://s.go.ro/6l49d8nm | password: 397749


*What's new:*


There are some important changes.
1. You will see that in the Gerber UI (Selected tab for a Gerber object) the Isolation section disappeared. More on the subject below, in the final of this post as it is the *most important change* in this release.


2. A new tool: Etch Compensation Tool - will try to compensate the lateral chemical etch that is happening when etching (with chemicals) the PCB by increasing each copper feature (trace, pad etc) with a number of microns. I've added a  mils to microns calculator on the tool for those that work in imperial units.


3. A new tool: Corners Markers Tool - will add corner markers on a Gerber object. THe user can select on which corner to add that marker, it's shape is just a 90 degrees bent short line oriented according to the corner.


4. Remade the Transform Tools in the Editors to look more like the main Transform Tool. The difference is that in the Editors the action is on the individual shapes while in the App it works on the objects, therefore over all geometry at once.


4bis. Remade the Transform Tool so the reference of the transformation can be chosen for all transformations that require it (Rotate, Skew, Scale, Mirror). Skew and Scale transformations have both the Link checkbox allowing to apply the transformation simultaneously on both axis.


5. In Geometry and Excellon UI's I've added the ability to add ... Exclusion Zones. What does it mean? It means that cutting in those areas is forbidden and if the user tries to add a exclusion area over on object already loaded, it will fail.
Also, when creating Gcode from that Geometry (Excellon) the travel will be done such that when travelling (above the material, PCB) if the path intersects one of those exclusion areas, depending on the strategy chosen for the area ("go over at a certain height" or "go around") it will actually avoid the exclusion area by automatically adding the required moves.


6. Updated the GUI in general. The Status Bar (lower section of the main screen) is remade and now contain the Grid Snap controls and also more icons that when clicked will toggle certain graphic features. 
Clicking on the activity icon (the green GIF in the lower right) will replot all objects on screen.


7. Updated UI in many FlatCAM tools for more coherence between parts of the application

8. Added a HUD (key combo Alt+H) that shows the coordinates on screen. Perhaps easier to look at.


9. Some translations may better now: we have a new maintainer for the Italian language (Massimiliano Golfetto) and for the French language (Michel Maciejewski).  Someone announced about Hungarian language but not much news from his side.


10. Updated the Distance Tool so the reported angle of the measurement is between 0 ... 359.9999 degrees.


11. Many bug fixes and some rework in the Tcl commands. Tcl commands were not checke so if there are issues and you used this part of the app, report them if you want them fixed. I have to prioritize and they are not on my priorities.


12. In NCC tool some bug fixes. Also added a new method of copper clearing named "Combo". What it does: when a certain copper section can not be cleared with the first used method it will try with another and so on until the methods are finished or the copper is cleared.


13.  CNCJobs objects in Project Tab can be edited now: it's actually just a GCode edit it will not affect the geometry on screen


14. Some GUI fields that are made to accept coordinates (x,y) will now no longer accept letters but only numbers, comma, dot and arithmetic operators. The GUI fields that have no arrows (spinners) now accept simple arithmetic formulas. You  can write for example: 3/25/4 + 2.2. Like tihs.


15. Objects names CAN NOT be edited anymore in the Project tab by clicking on the name. It was innervating so I disabled it. The user can rename the object in the Selected tab, Name entry. It makes sense since the Selected tab is a sort of Property page for the object. Actually moving toward this in the app design.


16. Remade the Subtract Tool. It now uses multiprocessing to really speed up the processing.


17.  Geometry and Excellon objects have now in their Selected tab a checkbox that toggle Multi-coloring just like the Gerber object has.


18. The Shell dock is now restored as docked each time it is launched even if previously was undocked. Previously the position was saved and it stayed undocked until the user docked it.


19. David Robertson put a lot of work in refactoring the Preferences


20. Now the filters on Open dialogs will remember last choice (if changed) for the entire session. Meaning that if the user choose "All Files (*.*)" it will stay selected for the current session.


21.  Fixed some crashes in Tool Calculators when typing letters in the units conversion


And now about the missing Isolation Routing in the Gerber Selected Tab.
This is actually the main big improvement in this release.
I've moved everything in it's own tool named Isolation Tool.


Why? Because now the Isolation routing is much more powerful. 

a) it has now multi-tool isolation making now the entire app be multi-tool based
b) it has Rest machining ... therefore: you add multiple tools. The app will try to isolate first using the bigger tool. Polygons it can't isolate will be kept and then the next tool (the one immediately smaller) will have it's try on isolating it and so on.


That can speed up the isolation because each tools can have it's own parameters modified, including the feedrate which for a larger tool can be faster.

At the end of the job, if some of the polygons could not be isolated the app will let you know which in the Shell. You can copy the provided coordinates (each is of a point that is guaranteed to be on the offending polygon) with CTRL+C and then pressing the J key shortcut you can jump to that polygon (the coordinates will be automatically prefilled in the Jump window, it will sense that there is something on the clipboard).
You can then isolate them individually, or do something to solve the issue.


It is possible when using the rest machining that the interiors of a polygon could not be isolated but the polygon is reported as isolated. Through interiors I mean holes in that polygon, like the holes for thermal release in a ground pour. It's a limitation of the module used (Shapely) but some people will not mind loosing those isolation since they are inside the copper.

Some people may actually mind this so there is a checkbox named "Forced Rest". When checked the app will say that the polygon is isolated even if the interiors are not.
When unchecked, the app will detect that the interiors were not isolated and the polygon will not be isolated with the current tool but passed away to the next smaller tool.


That's it. If you have any questions regarding the new functionality, post them on this forum..


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Salutare !

Am incercat sa instalez FlatCam dar m-am ales cu erorile magice din atasament !!!!

Am reinstalt python cu ultima versiune dar ... nimic



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