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Istoria , asa cum a fost ...

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#391 OFFLINE   nomikos



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Posted 16 January 2018 - 02:07 PM

Vorbim despre scopul inițial al instituției. Care nu era ăsta...
Dar, fiecare e liber să creadă ce dorește.


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#392 ONLINE   thunderer


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Posted 16 January 2018 - 04:34 PM

Am zis-o atunci, o zic din nou: conteaza ca unul sau un milion a fost ucis (gazat in chinuri) impotriva vointei proprii?

Serios, acum ne impiedicam de numere ca sa gasim mantuirea pacatelor?

Si copiii, aia ce vina aveau ca nu erau "muncibili"?

#393 OFFLINE   nomikos



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Posted 16 January 2018 - 04:43 PM

Da, dar a scoate in evidenta, punctual, acel eveniment istoric, ne face sa uitam de altele, la fel de grave, daca nu mai grave.

Problema aici este interesul, scopul... care indirect, face mult mai mult rau in continuare, prin context...


Traim zilnic un "Holocaust"... roughly 3.000.000 de copii mor anual de foame sau din cauza afectiunilor asociate malnutritiei si subnutritiei. Meanwhile, capii corporatiilor media si industriei... blabla, stiti voi.


Nu prea vedem noi padurea de copaci.

#394 OFFLINE   Sharky



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Posted 16 January 2018 - 05:14 PM

La discutii dinastea intotdeauna apare cate un capsoman care daca e cumva sa contesti niste cifre, pt el devii antisemit.
Chiar daca esti de acord ca s-au comis atrocitati si ca asa ceva nu trebuie sa se mai repete in istorie. (Desi se repeta cel putin la 10 ani in diverse parti ale globului)
De contesti povestea intra astia pe tine si te-au spart. Pt ei e personal deja.
Evident, daca e sa inventezi, sa pui de la tine ca acolo s-a creat virusul HIV, esti aplaudat accepta orice poveste cat timp le convine lor.
E ca o religie in sine, una fanatica.
Nu merita sa iti bati capul sa raspunzi, in special clonelor scandalagiilor dati afara.

#395 OFFLINE   adrian_pic


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Posted 16 January 2018 - 05:58 PM

The French were the first to use chemical weapons during the First World War, using the tear gases ethyl bromoacetate and chloroacetone. They likely did not realize that effects might be more serious under wartime conditions than in riot control. It is also likely that their use of tear gas escalated to the use of poisonous gases.


One of Germany's earliest uses of chemical weapons occurred on October 27, 1914, when shells containing the irritant dianisidine chlorosulfonate were fired at British troops near Neuve-Chapelle, France.[6] Germany used another irritant, xylyl bromide, in artillery shells that were fired in January 1915 at the Russians near Bolimów, in present-day Poland.[17] The first full-scale deployment of deadly chemical warfare agents during World War I was at the Second Battle of Ypres, on April 22, 1915, when the Germans attacked French, Canadian and Algerian troops with chlorine gas.[18][19][20]


A total 50,965 tons of pulmonary, lachrymatory, and vesicant agents were deployed by both sides of the conflict, including chlorinephosgene, and mustard gas. Official figures declare about 1.3 million casualties directly caused by chemical warfare agents during the course of the war. Of these, an estimated 100,000-260,000 casualties were civilians. Nearby civilian towns were at risk from winds blowing the poison gases through. Civilians rarely had a warning system put into place to alert their neighbors of the danger. In addition to poor warning systems, civilians often did not have access to effective gas masks.[21][22][20]

Lenin's Soviet government employed poison gas in 1921 during the Tambov Rebellion. An order signed by military commanders Tukhachevsky and Vladimir Antonov-Ovseyenko stipulated: "The forests where the bandits are hiding are to be cleared by the use of poison gas. This must be carefully calculated, so that the layer of gas penetrates the forests and kills everyone hiding there."[30][31]World War I-era chemical ammunition is still found, unexploded, at former battle, storage, or test sites and poses an ongoing threat to inhabitants of Belgium, France and other countries.[23] Camp American University where American chemical weapons were developed and later buried, has undergone 20 years of remediation efforts.[24][25]


During the Rif War in Spanish Morocco in 1921–1927, combined Spanish and French forces dropped mustard gas bombs in an attempt to put down the Berber rebellion. (See also: Chemical weapons in the Rif War)


Beginning in October 1935 and continuing into the following months Fascist Italy used mustard gas against the Ethiopians during the Second Italo-Abyssinian War in violation of the Geneva Protocol. Italian general Rodolfo Graziani first ordered the use of chemical weapons at Gorrahei against the forces of Ras Nasibu.[35] Benito Mussolini personally authorized Graziani to use chemical weapons.[36] Chemical weapons dropped by warplane "proved to be very effective" and was used "on a massive scale against civilians and troops, as well as to contaminate fields and water supplies."[37] Among the most intense chemical bombardment by the Italian Air Force in Ethiopia occurred in February and March 1936, although "gas warfare continued, with varying intensity, until March 1939."[36] J. F. C. Fuller, who was present in Ethiopia during the conflict, stated that mustard gas "was the decisive tactical factor in the war."[38] Some estimate that up to one-third of Ethiopian casualties of the war were caused by chemical weapons.[39]

The Italians' deployment of mustard gas prompted international criticism.[35][38] In April 1936, British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin told Parliament: "If a great European nation, in spite of having given its signature to the Geneva Protocol against the use of such gases, employs them in Africa, what guarantee have we that they may not be used in Europe?"[38][40] Mussolini initially denied the use of chemical weapons; later, Mussolini and Italian government sought to justify their use as lawful retaliation for Ethiopian atrocities.[35][36][38]



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#396 OFFLINE   Victor


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Posted Today, 02:06 AM


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