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Guest silvestru docs

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Guest silvestru docs

Va salut.
Am facut un proiect cu un detector de alcool cu MQ3 si merge foarte bine.Dar am intampinat o problema.Vreau sa-i adaug un buzzer ca sa sune numai la instructiunea if (value>=200 && value<280) ,cand apare pe LCD. display.println("You had a beer."); , si nu merge. Am gresit cu ceva in cod ? Orice raspuns e bine venit. Sunt incepator. 

Acesta este codul.


#include <SPI.h>#include <Wire.h>#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>#include <Adafruit_SSD1306.h>#define OLED_RESET 4int TIME_UNTIL_WARMUP = 900;unsigned long time;int analogPin = 0;int val = 0;int buzzer = 10;Adafruit_SSD1306 display(OLED_RESET);void setup() { display.begin(SSD1306_SWITCHCAPVCC, 0x3C);display.clearDisplay();pinMode(10,OUTPUT);}void loop() { delay(100);val = readAlcohol();printTitle();printWarming();time = millis()/1000;if(time<=TIME_UNTIL_WARMUP){time = map(time, 0, TIME_UNTIL_WARMUP, 0, 100);display.drawRect(10, 50, 110, 10, WHITE); //Empty Bardisplay.fillRect(10, 50, time,10,WHITE);}else{printTitle();printAlcohol(val);printAlcoholLevel(val); }display.display();}void printTitle(){display.clearDisplay();display.setTextSize(1);display.setTextColor(WHITE);display.setCursor(22,0);display.println("Breath Analyzer");}void printWarming(){display.setTextSize(2);display.setTextColor(WHITE);display.setCursor(0,20);display.println("Warming up");}void printAlcohol(int value){display.setTextSize(2);display.setTextColor(WHITE);display.setCursor(45,25);display.println(val);}void printAlcoholLevel(int value){display.setTextSize(1);display.setTextColor(WHITE);display.setCursor(10,55);if(value<200){display.println("You are sober.");}if (value>=200 && value<280){display.println("You had a beer.");digitalWrite(10,HIGH);}if (value>=280 && value<350){display.println("Two or more beers.");}if (value>=350 && value <450){display.println("I smell Oyzo!");}if(value>450){display.println("You are drunk!");digitalWrite(10,HIGH);}}int readAlcohol(){int val = 0;int val1;int val2;int val3; display.clearDisplay();val1 = analogRead(analogPin); delay(10);val2 = analogRead(analogPin); delay(10);val3 = analogRead(analogPin);val = (val1+val2+val3)/3;return val;
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Pe viitor foloseste butonul de inserare/formatare a codului (pe bara de meniu a editorului este semnul "<>".


In alta ordine de idei, ar fi sanatos sa scrii in loc de :

if (value>=200 && value <280)
if ((value>=200) && (value <280))

altfel confuzezi compilatorul.

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