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Echivalență tranzistoare rusești

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Mă poate ajuta cineva cu un catalog de echivalențe pentru tranzistoarele rusești ? Eventual un link .Ma interesează in primă fază echivalentul pentru 2T909A și daca poate fi inlocuit cu unul românesc fabricat de IPRS

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E un tranzistor de putere RF.

La noi nu s-au produs, din cate stiu. tranzistori RF in capsula KT15 sau similar.

Inlocuitor direct ar fi 2N5177.

sau cu modificari de cablaj/prindere  si ale parametrilor electrici, doar in unele aplicatii cu 2n3632(putere si castig la jumatate)

un link  ar fi http://electronic.com.ua/spravochniki/Tranzistorq_otehestvennqe/Tranzistorq_otehestvennqe_bol%60woy_moschnosti_sverxvqsokohastotnqe_KT_900-949.htm

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2T909 e varianta militara . A fost produs si in Bulgaria , cu linie de fabricatie , tehnologie si materiale importate din URSS , ca foarte multi tranzistori de aceeasi " inspiratie " ... Cea " comuna " e KT909 ... Nu schimba datele problemei , e doar o completare .

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Transistors 2T909A silicon epitaxial planar structure of the npn generator.

Designed for use in power amplifiers, frequency multipliers and oscillators at frequencies 100 ... 500 MHz with a supply voltage 28 V.


The main technical characteristics of the transistor 2T909A:

• The structure of the transistor: npn;

• Pk t max - Dissipated power collector with heat: 27 W;

• fgr - Cut-off frequency of the transistor current gain for the common-emitter circuit: more than 350 MHz;

• Uker max - maximum collector-emitter voltage at a given current collector and a given resistance in the circuit of the base-emitter voltage: 60 V (0.01 ohms);

• Uebo max - Maximum voltage emitter-base junction reverse current at a given emitter and collector open circuit 3.5;

• Ik max - Maximum DC Collector Current: 2 A;

• Iker - Reverse current collector-emitter voltage for a given reverse voltage of the collector-emitter voltage and resistance in the base-emitter voltage: 30 mA (60V);

• CK - collector junction capacity: no more than 30 pF;

• Rke us - saturation resistance between the collector and emitter: no more than 0.3 ohms;

• Pout - Output power transistor: not less than 20 W at 500 MHz;

• tras - The decay time: less than 20 ns

Inlocuitor direct 2N5177

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