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Your Electronics Repair Guide 
TV Service Mode
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TV Service mode (part 05)
ORION 28BDF TV790 (4400 chassis, processor SAA5297PS/262, 
TDA8843, 8844). Vvimkuty power, hold the button "MENU" on the front panel until the LED light. Then turn on the remote control "STBY". To exit the service on account of new options - "MENU OFF" on the remote control. 
ORION chassis 7000 7300 ORION LIFETECH LT-7500 processor uP83C055 
Turn on the TV, hold button "MENU". Press the "SAT". Exit service mode - "TV".
ORION chassis BS990 CT63S92, CT71S92, FT5916 processor TVPOSM90.02/03 
Press the button on the TV "OSD" "P-" "VOL-" and turn the power switch. 
ORION chassis CODE A TV-3789F processor PCM195C30ECF0098, TDA2248, TDA8174A, FNI14B002 
Press the "V-" on the front of TV and "6" on the remote, a little hold. 
Contents of memory: 
SECAM at 2A-F8 
DK at 1D -41 
You can use a "MAK-2000" code 1443. 
ORION chassis CTS-AA TV 5176TX processor SAA5531PS/M4/0329 
Sign in service menu: 
Off TV Network button. Lock 7 foot lot on the processor. Enable TV. The screen in the lower left corner appears the letter S. Click on RECALL. To write to memory - press RECALL. 
Exit service mode - turn off the TV Network button. 
ORION chassis PCB8500 TV82301 SAA5667HL video processor. VSP9402 
Press the button "MENU" on the front of the TV and hold the power switch. Exit - click "ST-BY", visit the IAC: Code 1097, "Shift + blue button. 
ORION chassis T08-29K SPP2123F processor 8891CPBNG6KU3 
0 Set the volume while pressing on the front of TV "VOL-" and DISP (rectangle) on the remote control. 
Advanced service - in the section "F7 Page" put "1". 
Switching pages - click on "MUTE" on the remote control. 
Exodus - "MENU". 
ORION chassis-processor TM8402A TV1470MJ OES6047V Videoprotsessory TB1226CN 
To enter service menu you must click once on the remote control "9" on the TV and "VOL-". 
ORION CTV222M processor TVPO2066-A41, chassis DIGIT2000, ORION KENDO UNIVERSUM 6325, 6325VT processor CCU2030. 
Sign in service mode: short closed 15 and 23 feet KR1506HL1 in remote RC-4. Save your settings: You can use the remote ->.<- from TV "Horizon" with no graphics and click "SERVICE". 
In service settings: 
option1______ option2_______option3_______ option4 
1: ON________ 1: OFF________1: ON _________1: OFF 
2: ON _______ 2: OFF________ 2: OFF________ 2: ON 
3: ON________3: ON _________3: ON _________3: OFF 
4: OFF_______ 4: OFF_______ 4: OFF_________4: OFF 
5: OFF______ 5: ON ________ 5: OFF_________5: OFF 
6: OFF_______ 6: ON _______ 6: ON _________6: OFF 
7: OFF_______ 7: OFF_______ 7: OFF________ 7: OFF 
8: ON ________ 8: ON _______ 8: OFF_______ 8: ON 
ORION MP2121U processor SDA555XFL. Videoprotsessory M61208 
First ->.<- push button (two arrows meet separated horizontal stripe) or just FIX. 
There's four entrances, though you need 9871, 9872, 9474, 9373. FIX button pressed before each set of figures. Output - 2 times "MENU". 
ORION MP2927U. Processor VCT3833, sound MSP3413G 
Click quickly "headphones" "--/--", "Headphones", "timer" - once in service menu. 
Twice "menu" - geometry. R +, R-"Change," VOL + "," VOL-"- change the value. Save - "OK" immediately after the change. 
Exit - to select "EXIT", press "OK." 
ORION PLT7051 LCD 7 processor MTV512GMV, video T100A FP3797-1/3506TLDA2 
TV - in dezhurnyy mode, and remote dial CH-> CH +> CH-> "MENU". 
ORION TV2180MK6 processor OEC6027A 
1. Switched on the TV hold the "VOL-" to a value of 0. 
2. Off TV Network Network button. 
3. Click on the front of the press "VOL-", not releasing it on the remote press "9" and hold them, turn on the TV and press the Network button on the front panel button "STAND BY". 
Menu has two submenus. 
Select items submenu is pressing the corresponding "license" klavish on the remote control. Control parameters are the keys "VOL + / -" or "-SET" on the remote control. Exit the submenu items and move from one submenu to another is the same combination: "VOL-" and, without releasing, press the remote key "9". Exit service menu is a choice item "8" in any submenu or by pressing the "POWER". 
ORSON HINGWAH a chassis-VO CT-2120 processor ST6C-ELAINE2 
From remote "SKIP", "VOL-", "FINE TUNE", "-". Selectable - PROGRAM 
Entry: "MENU", "0", "STORE", "RIGHT ANOW", "LEFT ANOW" 
PALLADIUM TV-100 chassis - see SCHNEIDER chassis DTV3, DTV4, TV17. 
PALLADIUM Chassis PC100 765/325 765/368 765/384 processor ST92T93 
Enable TV network switch, pressing the button "VOL +" and "VOL-". Press the POWER button on the remote control to exit - POWER OFF 
PALLADIUM Processor TMP87PS38N "FO726XAC" 
Sign in service: click on "VOL-" on TV and "DISPLAY" on the remote control. 
PANASONIC Chassis AC1 TX-G10 / C 
Install 60. Parameter SHARPNESS - at least. Press "OFF TIMER" control and hold, press the "V" on the keypad TV. Exodus - "NORMAL" 
PANASONIC chassis APEDP264/266 APEDP264 CF27SF14/24/34V CT-31F24 CT-31XE24CV CT-F29992LV/W/XV - zakorotyty point FA1 and FA2 or pins 3 and 8 TP connector, located on-board A-board. 
Exit: click button "ACTION" and "POWER" for 2 seconds. 
PANASONIC chassis CP-185 TDA9381PS/N2/3I0785 MS9381/N2/3_DE1. Install the program in 1999, "Sharpness" = 0, press "MUTE" and "P-" on the front of TV and "Display" on the remote control. 
PANASONIC chassis CP-521 TX-29PM1P processor TDA12021H1/N1D01. 
Install 99. SHARPNESS parameter to a minimum. Press MUTE on the remote control and "V" on your keyboard TV. 
Exit «Power OFF». 
PANASONIC chassis CP-830FP TX-32PS12P processor SDA55xx 
Install 99. SHARPNESS parameter to a minimum. Press MUTE on the remote control and "V" on your keyboard TV. 
Exit «Power OFF». 
PANASONIC Chassis EURO-1 EURO-2 E2100 TX-21AD2C TX-29A3C TX-25A3C TX-W28R3 TX-21MD1C TX-W28D1F processor CCU30001-05 
Set the regulator "BASS" to "max", and regulator "TREBLE" to "min". Click on "F" on the TV. Press and hold "VOL-" on TV. Click "REVEAL" on the remote control. Exodus - "NORMAL" 
PANASONIC Chassis EURO-2M, EURO-3, EURO-3H, EURO-3W, EURO-3HW, EURO-3HWS, TX-25AD50F TX-XD60C TX-W28/32/36D2DP/L processor SDA30C164 - press and hold "VOL-" Front and simultaneously press the remote REVEAL. In all variants instead of clicking REVEAL be RESET. Buttons RED (RED) and GREEN (GREEN) - move functions to service menu, YELLOW (YELLOW) and blue (BLUE) - modified the options button STORE - remember. Button NORMAL - exit the menu. 
Chassis EURO-3 EURO-3H EURO-3W EURO-3HW EURO-3HWS TX-25AD50F TX-XD60C TX-W28/32/36D2DP/L processor SDA30C164, 
Chassis EURO-4, EURO-4H TX-25LD4C, TX-28LD4C, TX-28PK25 processor SDA5450C48GE, SDA5450C59, 
Chassis EURO-5 EURO-7ATX-25/28AD90F TX-32D5F ТХ-32PB50F / P: 
Set the regulator "BASS" to max, and the regulator "TREBLE" to min. Click on "REVEAL" or "INDEX" button on the control (in all variants instead of clicking REVEAL be RESET), simultaneously press and hold the "VOL-" on TV. Exodus - "NORMAL" 
Set the regulator "BASS" to max, and the regulator "TREBLE" to min. Click on "F" on the TV. Press and hold "VOL-" on TV. Press the "INDEX" on the remote control. Exodus - "NORMAL" 
PANASONIC chassis GAOO70 TX2170T processor MN152811TJN 
Hold on TV "VOL-", click on the remote "screen with a plus. 
Exodus - "NORMAL" 
PANASONIC chassis GL1 TC-21GX10BS Protsescor TDA 12120H1/N100 
Entry: "VOL-" = 0, timer = 30 minutes, RECALL on the remote and "VOL-" on TV. Edit menu - buttons "1" and "2". Navigating the menu buttons "3" and 4 ". 
Exodus - POWER 
Sign in service: click and hold "- / V" on the front of TV, press 0 on the remote 3 times within 2 seconds. 
To exit - EXIT button on the remote control. 
PANASONIC chassis GP2A TX-29F250T, TX-29E220T, TX-29F155T, TX-29PM11P, TX-34P180T. 
Log in menu «Service1» (geometry, RGB, sub.yaskravist): 
Set Vol = 0, Timer = 30min (or 15 min), simultaneously press the button RECALL (on some models "DISPLAY" or "screen with a plus) button on the remote and" VOL-"on the front. To run the self press "VOL-" on the front and "Timer" on the remote control. Navigating the menu - red and green buttons, change settings - yellow and blue buttons. Memory write - "OK." Exodus - «NORMAL» . 
Log «Service2»: Install 99-Channel. After logging in «Servise1», select «Sub-Brightness» and click on the remote «-/--». When you click in this mode «Display» is the entrance to the editor memory locations where you can manually edit the contents. Exodus - «NORMAL». 
-one service: 
- Set up for BASS, TREBLE to minimum. 
- Set the TV program on the number 99 
- Click once "INDEX" button on the remote and "N" at the TV. 
Log in Service-2 (option): 
- Being in a service, press the green button on the remote repeatedly to select the last item of service menu JPEG VIEWER. 
- Click on HOLD, open the Tools menu of options-2. 
Buttons Red / Green to navigate up / down. 
Buttons YELLOW / blue to change the values. 
To remember to click STR changes separately for each item 
To exit the service off in another mode. 
PANASONIC chassis LH65A TC-32LX70/700, TC37LZ85, TC-32LX85 
Sign in service: click and hold "VOL-" on the front of TV, press RECALL on the remote 3 times within 2 seconds. 
To exit the Service mode - press the POWER button on the remote or on TV. 
PANASONIC Chassis M17 TC-25GF10R, TX-33GF15P 
1.Vstanovit volume = 0. 
2. Press simultaneously "RECALL" button on the remote and "VOL-" on the front of the TV. 
PANASONIC Chassis M18, M17W GAOO TX-29GF25T, TX-33, 29GF85T, TC-1924, 28WG12H, TX-29GF35T - simultaneously press the button "OFF TIMER" button on the remote and "VOL-" on the front of the TV. To adjust the memory device after replacement set jumpers TPA4, three output circuits connected to IC1213 "body" chassis, and then turning on the power. device enters the mode MARKET MODE. 
Exit: After the end of the process remove the jumper. 
PANASONIC chassis MD3N TX-29P190T SDA5555DM 
Option 1: Set the BASS control to max, and TREBLE control to min. Press and hold "VOL-" on TV. Press the "INDEX" on the remote control. Exodus - "NORMAL". 
Option 2: Install the program 99, press the HOLD button on the control. 
Exit "NORMAL" 
Option 3: OFF TIMER 30 min, and simultaneously push the button on the remote control "DISPLAY", on TV bar "VOL-". 
PANASONIC chassis MX-1A TC-21E1R processor MN152810TTC4 
Click on the main board TV service button S1101. Appears RNA. After the first key press can be adjusted (adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation, volume and phase (horizontal alignment)). The second you click to regulate modes RGB. Exodus - "NORMAL" 
PANASONIC chassis MX-1A TC-14L3R, TX-21LT3P TC/TX-14/21L3P, R; TC/TX-14/21LT3P, R, TC-21E1R processor MN152810TTC4 
Enter: press the button on the main board S1101 "Service". The screen lights up white box with no inscriptions. Clicking on "Function" change control (brightness, contrast, saturation, volume, tone, balance the horizontal). Change Level option buttons "VOL +", "VOL-". The second button brings S1101 TV service in the second sub-mode control: the level of black R, G, B, swing signal R, G and thin horizontal line. Exodus - "NORMAL" 
PANASONIC Chassis MX-2A, as for chassis MX-1A, TC-29V50R, processor MN152810TZN - click on the login button service switch S1101 (inside boards next to the switch vertical alignment). TV switch mode check, the screen appears CHK. Click on S1103 (FUN) to select the desired parameter adjustment. Exit - click S1101, or STAND BY and power off. 
PANASONIC chassis MX-3 MX-3S TC-14F1, TC-F1D, TC-14L10R, TC1425RT, TC-20F1, TC-20L3R, TC-21F1T, TC-21L10R, TC21S10R, TC-2125RT, TC-2105RT, TX-2150T / TS, TC2150R, TC2150RM/RS, TC2170R / T processor MN152811TZT/TZX. 
Hotel mode: 
1. On the remote control - "OFF TIMER", the panel "CH UP" - enable. 
2. On the remote control - "OFF TIMER", the panel - "VOL-" - disable. 
Log in menu: Simultaneously press the "RECALL" button on the control and "VOL-" on the panel. 
Exit - twice "NORMAL" on the remote control. 
PANASONIC TX-29GF35T, TX-33GF85T, TX-29GF85T, TC-24WG12H, TC-28WG12H GAOO (option for chassis MX-3, MX-3C, MX-4S). Set Channel 60, TIMER = 30min and SHARPNESS - at least, and then click once button RECALL (on some models "DISPLAY" or "screen with a plus) in remote and VOL-button on the front of the TV. After replacing the memory device need initsializptsiya. To install this jumper TRA4 (contact 3 IC1213) to "ground". Turn the TV power. Apparatus enters the mode Market Mode. Memory write - key STR. Cofferdam after setting off. 
Service for TV: Set the volume to zero. Press "MENU" and move the cursor to the position FEATURES. Press the OFF TIMER button and simultaneously press the right button on the control "RECALL" and "VOL-". 
Tools for VCR: Set the volume to zero. Press "MENU" and move the cursor to the position FAETURES. Click the OFF TIMER. Just simultaneously press the right button on the remote cursor and "VOL-". 
PANASONIC Chassis MX-4 TX-29V70T panel: TNQE145 TNQE147. 
Hotel Mode: to cancel this mode, press the "VOL-" on your keyboard and TV OFF-Timer on the remote control. 
Service menu: 
1. set the volume 0. 
2. Set the timer for 30 minutes. 
3. Click RECAL on the remote and "VOL-" on TV keypad. 
The screen shows RNA. 
Select sub-menu buttons 1,2,3,4,5. 
Exit from the menu - "NORMAL". 
PANASONIC chassis MX-5 MX-5ATC-14D2, TC-2119R, TX-33GF15P, TC-25GF10R, TX-33GF15P, TC-20S2, TX-20S2T, TC-21Z2A, processor - MN1871681T, 
Chassis MX-5Z TC-21D2Q processor TDA9381PS/N2/2I0905 N048Z, TDA9381PS/N2/2/0619 TDA9381N048M. 
Set the volume on the TV equal "VOL-" = 0 and set the mode timer equal to 30 MIN. Then simultaneously press the CHANNEL UP button on the TV and RECALL on the remote control. Select sub -1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Exit - twice "NORMAL" on the remote 
PANASONIC chassis MX-7 TC-21RM30RQ processor TDA 9384, 
Chassis MX-7Z TC-15PM50R 
Sign in service: set volume to "0" and the timer "30 MIN". The panel, press and hold "VOL-", and click on the remote control "DISPLAY" or "RECALL", (which looks like a screen plyusykom). Changing the menu buttons "1" and "2". Navigation through the menu buttons "3" and 4 ". Change "VOL +" and "VOL-". Exodus - POWER OFF 
PANASONIC chassis MX-10 TX-29P80T 
To log in to place the menu control with the following information: "SHARPNESS" of min, "VOLUME" of min, "BASS" to max, and "TREBLE" to min. At timer 30 min. Simultaneously press the button "Display" button on the control and "Vol-" on the front. Surcharge features - buttons 1-2-3-4, beginning - "NORMAL" 
PANASONIC chassis MX-12 TX-29PS70T. 
Entry: "VOL-" = 0, timer = 30 minutes, press RECALL on the remote and "VOL-" on TV. 
PANASONIC NA8ML chassis - download details English description 
PANASONIC NA8ML chassis - Download detailed english description 
PANASONIC CT32SX31CE chassis NA8ML - menu select SET-UP CABLE, set the timer for 30 MIN, press ACTION three times to exit the menu, turn on channel 124, set the VOL = 0, the front panel press "VOL-", with on screen ' appear red inscription CHK. When lit this inscription, while pressing the front panel buttons "VOL +" and "ACTION" activated transition from service mode (red inscription CHK) setting mode to the default settings (CHK Yellow Label) .. If the yellow caption quickly press CHK button VOL + / VOL: - ", then the selected service option is normalized. 
In service mode, you can also login zamknuvshy each control point FA1 and FA2 onboard TV. 
If you press POWER on the remote selected group of parameters that are marked in the menu letters B, C .... E. To check purity of color need to press RECALL button on the remote control. To exit the service mode hold down the button for 2 seconds ACTION and POWER on the front. While TV is turned off and immediately turned on Channel 3. All previous settings disappear channel, channels need to adjust again. 
PANASONIC CF-27SF14/24/34V CT-31SF24 CT-31XE24CV CT-F29992LV/W/XV Zakorotit point FA1 and FA2 or pins 3 and 8 TP connector located on board A-BOARD. 
PANASONIC TX-25G10T (VOL) - at least, (TIMER) for 30min, press (VOL-) i (VOL +) on the front. Keys (1), (2) - choice of menu, CHK1-CHK4, (3), (4) - menu items, (VOL + / -) - Review. 
PANASONIC Chassis Z5 TC14S1RCP, TX14S1TCC, TC21S1RCP, TX21S1TCC, TX21S1TCP processor MN152811TBS - click "OFF TIMER" on the remote and "VOL-" on TV. Click on STR for storing changes. 
Exodus - "F" 
PANASONIC chassis Z7 TX-21K1T / R, TX-21K2T, TX-14K1T, TC-14K1R, TX-14K2T, TX-21JTP3 processor SDA5254-A008 
Select channel 60, set the "SHARPNESS" for min and simultaneously press the buttons "VOL-" and "OFF TIMER". Save values "STORE", exit "NORMAL" 
PANASONIC chassis Z8 TX-21CK1 processor TDA9367PS/N1/4S0326, TX-29PM1P (chassis CP-521F). 
Service - 1: select the channel 99, set the SHARPNESS at least. Press and hold the button on the remote control "MUTE". Press the TV button on the keyboard "V". Exodus - "NORMAL" 
Sign in service - 2: being in a service, go to the line SUB-BRIGHT and press RECALL on the remote control. 
PANASONIC Z-185 chassis TDA9381PS/N2/3I0785 MS9381/N2/3_DE1 
select channel 99, set the SHARPNESS at least. Press and hold the button on the remote control "DISPLAY". Press the TV button on the keyboard "P-". Exodus - "NORMAL" 
PANASONIC 2150: TIMER - in position OFF. Simultaneously press: on TV "VOL-", the remote "DISPLAY". Exodus - POWER OFF 
PANASONIC AG-4700BY - simultaneous pressing forward, backward, and discard the cartridge. 
PANASONIC TC21-GF80R - simultaneously press the "RECALL" button on the control and "VOL-" on the front of the TV. Exodus - NORMAL 2 times 
Select 60 channel set to SHERPNESS = 0 and simultaneously press the buttons "VOL-" on the front and "OFF TIMER" on the remote control. Save values - "STORE". 
PATRIOT KM-2122 processor TDA 9381PS/N3/2/1830 delay in service menu: 
One option - to lock the hidden button in the remote (if it CX3010 chip pins 11 and 25). 
Option 2 - see the processor TDA9381-7NA. 
PATRIOT KM-2111 / KM2112 / KM-2121 / KM-2131 / KM-2132A / KM-2135 / KM-2136 / KM-2138 / KM-2121 / Patriot KM-2911 / KM2912 / KM-2925 / HPC KM-2113 / HPC KM-2925 processor TDA9341PS/N3/A/1999, NTDA9341-2NDG 
Sign in service - «MENU» «6", "4", "8", "3". 
Select submenu - buttons "0 -4". Output - 2 times the button «Power» on the remote control. 
Log in advanced service - «MENU» «6", "4", "8", "3», «Cal», «Lock», «5», «Cal», «Lock», «5. 
Select submenu - buttons "0 -9. 
Exit after initialization - «Power» «MENU» - «6", "4", "8", "3" 
PHILIPS chassis A8.0. For memory initialization and close contact 904 9040. To enter service mode simultaneously press "VOL -" and "VOL +" panel TV. Exodus - STAND-BY 
PHILIPSchassis Anubis S DD, 14GX123OA, 14RT235A, 14RT300A, 2OGX105O-855, 21GX1560-8568, 25GX1880-1985, 29GX1890-1995, 21RT118A, 21RT128A, 21RT129A, 21RT132A, 21RT1ZZA, 21RT137 A 21RT138A. Sign in service mode in contact closure M31 and M32 (land) near IC7710. Exodus - STAND-BY. 
PHILIPS EM1A chassis, EM2E, EMZE, EM5E, ES.1E, FL, GFL, L04A, L04E, MD2.21E, MD2.22, MD2.25E, MG2.1E, MG3.1E, MG3.2E, MG4.1E, MG5 .1 E, MG7.1E, 28RT71O6, 28RT715, 28RT72O6, 28RT73O6, 28PW8206, 28PW8506, 29RT8OO6, 28RT83O6, 29RT8346, 29RT85O7. 29PT8509, 29RT86O7, 29RT9007, 29RT9O47, 32PW8206, 32PW8406, 32PW8506, 82WA8416, 7OTA7216, 70WA8416), 
chassis TE1.1E 14PT1347/01, 14PT1547/01, 20PT1547/01, 37TA1437/03, 37PTB1347/19, 
chassis DPTV325 43PP8320, 43PP8420, 43PP8421, 46PP8621, 50PP8421, 55PP8620. 
To enter the service menu: with remote fast (up to 4 seconds) to enter with control numbers 062 596 i press "i +" (mode SAM, Service Alignment Mode), or press "MENU" (mode SDM, Service Default Mode, to set the initial values of some parameters useful for the measurement of control points), while in the service menu allowed switching applications. In the right corner z'vytsya inscription DILLER, or SAM, or SDM. 
In standby SDM regular menu is available, it appears when you press the button "MENU". Button "INDEX" turns-off mode OSD. For the transition to the SAM using the buttons "VOL +" and "VOL-" on the front and hold not less than 4 seconds. To exit the SDM or SAM mode power off. 
Navigation in both modes - buttons "UP / DOWN". 
PHILIPS chassis D16-II, 25DC2660, 28DC2070, 28DC2670 80S31 processor to initialize memory - hold button on the TV "VOL +" and "P +", turn the power switch. For service mode to lock the control points M30 and M31. Exodus - TV. 
Sign in service: disable the network, press and hold button "+" and "-" on the front panel, turn on the network. Memorization of any change - through the "OK". Exodus - "STANBY" 
Sign in service: the buttons on the remote control in sequence: [TV DEC] [P +] [P-] [CLOCK-BUTTON] [i-II]. 
Memorization of any change - through the "OK". Exodus - "STANBY" 
PHILIPS chassis E-6, 28PT4505 processor SAB-C502-2R20N 
On TV and in the operating dial on the remote "TV" "i" "STOP", beginning - "STANBY" 
PHILIPS Chassis FL1.10, 25PV7505 25SL550 33PT700A/712A processor SAB8032, 
chassis FL1.7 28ML8600/00B processor SAB8032. 
1. To lock the memory initialization point S24 S25 located on the board SSP. On the remote press "MENU", "Blue", "red", "MENU", "MENU OFF". 
2. To activate the lock mode SERVICE MODE control points S23 and S24, located on the motherboard SSP, exit - STAND-BY 
PHILIPS chassis GR2.2 AA, 25PT400/42, 25PT410A/42, 28PT400A/42, 28PT450A/42. processor TMP47C1637. Lock contacts M33 and M34 (service) and hit INSTALL in the panel on the power. Inscription appears SER. To exit - on STANDBY. 
PHILIPS chassis L01H.2E/AA, 14HT3304/01, 21HT5404/01Z processor TDA9552E, remote PC2882. Sign in service - 024 995 press "MENU" button or 062 596 "i", is another way to enter the service jumper zakorotyty 9631 and 9641. then turn on the TV button POWER. Code for lifting HOTEL - 319 753 and MUTE button 
PHILIPSchassis L01.1E.L01.2E, 25RT4107, 21RT5306, 24PW6006, 25RT4457, 25RT5107, 25RT5506, 32PW5407, 32PW6006, 63TA5216, 70WA6216. 82PW6216 Service menu: while in the user menu, click on the remote control: Cursor up, down, left, right. 
PHILIPS Chassis L6.1, 21PT1342 processor TMP47C1637N, SAA5290, 
chassis L6. 1 AA, 14PT-1432/43, 14PT-1352/00/01/05/07/11/39, 14,20 PT-1542/01/43, 14PT-1552/00/01/05/11, 20PT- 1342/43, 21PT-1532/58, 37TA-1232/03, 37TA-1432/03, 37TA-1462/18, 37TA-1473/18, 52TB-2452/19, M-2052/00/01, M- 2152/00 / 07/15, M-2182/00, M-M192/05, 
Chassis L6.2 20PT1353 processor SAA5290ZP/039/040/055 - closed contacts S1 and S2 on the processor (14 output circuits IC7600). 
PHILIPS Chassis L6.2, 25PT4423 processor TDA9351 
Remote control mode off once, then symknuty power when the LED goes out, turn on power while holding down the button "text" on the remote control. 
PHILIPS chassis L6.2AA, 25PT4103/60 processor SAA5290ZP/040 
Close control points "0053" and "0054" near the processor. Exodus - "STANBY" 
PHILIPSChassis L7.1A, 14PT-118A 50B 67R 94R, 14PT132A 50B 50R 75R, 14PT133A 162R, 14PT137A 162R, 14PT138A 54R 58T 67R 71R 74R 75R 93S, 20PT188A 50B 67R 73R, 20PT120A 78R, 20PT132A 75R, 20PT137A 62R, 20PT138A 50D 58R 58H 58R 67R 71R 73R 74R 75R 94R 97R. Zakorotit contacts M24 and M25 on-board (PCB) and on the power. Out of service - click on STAND-BY. Attention error buffer is cleared! 
PHILIPS L9.1E chassis, L9.2A, 14RT2665/00 21PT1354/58C 21PT1654/58 21PT3882/59R 25PT5307 processor SAA5542 
Sign in service menu: "0" "6" "2" "5" "9" "6" "MENU"; to log on to the geometry (non-SAM) simultaneously press the "VOL-" and "PR-" Panel TV . Attention! SDM function in AS OFF does not turn on, or (perhaps) your TV stop working. Exodus - "STANBY" 
PHILIPS Chassis L6.1, 14PT1322, 14PT1323, 14PT1332, 14PT1342, 14PT1352, PT1353, 14PT1363, 14PT1372-374, 14PT1532-1553, 14PT1562-1563, 14PT1573-1574, 14PT2663, 14PT2683-2594, 20PT1342, 20PT1352, 20PT1353, 20PT1542-1553 , 21PT1342, 21PT1532, 21PT1542, 21PT2563-2584, 37TA1220, 37TA1232, 37TA1262-1263, 37TA1273, 37TA1432.37TA1462-1463, 37TA1473, 37TB1252, 51TA1232.51TA1262, 51TA1462, 51TA1472, 51TB1222, 51TB1252, 51TB1452, 52TA1262, 52TA1420-1462 , 52TA1472, 52TB1252, 52TB1452, 2TB2452, M1432-2052, 1932 M21, M21 and all the 52-2192 model chassis L6.2. Method 1 - closed contacts S1 and S2 on the processor (14 output circuits IC7600). 
Method 2 - on the remote control model RC7150 service click on DEFAULT or ALIGN. 
PHILIPSChassis L9.2A, L9.2E, 14RT1582, 14RT1782, 14RT314A / B-3822 14RT3722, 14RT414A, 20RT1582, 20RT1782, 20RT224V, 20RT324A / B-3882 20RT3722, 20RT424, 20RT524A, 21RT1532, 21RT1 582 21RT334A, 21PT3382, 21RT3722885, 21PT534A, 14RT1345, 14RT1354, 14RT1365, 14RT1565, 14RT2665, 14RA01, 17RT1564-1565, 20PR1 554, 20RA01, 20TA01, 21RT1364, 21RT1654, 21RT1664, 21RT1865-2265, 21RT2664-2665, 21RT2684, 21RT4255, 21RT4355, 21RT4455, 21RT4475, 21RT4655, 37TA1274, 37TV1254, 52TA1464, 52TA1474, 52TA441 5 52TV1454, 52TV4395 Press the MUTE button on the remote and no later than 4 seconds, R-, R +, VOL-, VOL + on the front of the TV. 
PHILIPS chassis MD1.1E 25PT4301, 25PT4501/60 TMP87CM36N-3270 processor, chassis MD1.2E, 24PW6322, 25RT4503, 25RT4513, 25RT4523, 25RT5123, 25RT5302, 25RT5322, 25RT5403, 25RT5424, 25RTB322, 28DW6734, 28RT4503, 28RT4513, 28RT4523, 28PW6202, 28PW6302 , 28PW6312, 28PW6322, 28PW6332, 29RT5123, 29RT5302, 29RT5322, 29RT5403, 29RT5423-5424, 29RT6413, 29RT6433, 29RT6773, 29RT8001-8005, 29RT8304, 29RT8344, 29RT9005-9006, 29RT9015, 29RT9046, 29RT9055, 29RT9113, 32DW6834, 2PWB302, 32PW6312 , 32PW6322, 32PW6332, 52TA4311, 63TA5213, 70WA6213, 70WB6193, 72TA5213, 82WA6213, 82WB6193. For service mode to lock contacts S42 and S43. Then click on the front of the TV at the same time "MENU" "P-". TV goes to standby SAM, if there are no mistakes and failures in the top row will be zero. Changes are automatically stored. Exodus - POWER OFF button on the control. 
PHILIPS chassis MD2.11/12/13 - entrance is via a special menu control RC7150. 
PHILIPS MD2.22E 25PT8303 Chassis 
Simultaneously press the "?" and "SLEEP" under cover. Exodus - POWER OFF 
PHILIPSchassis MG2.1E, 24PW8504, 25RT7304, 25RT8304, 28RT7104, 28RT7155, 28RT7204, 28RT7304, 28RT7404, 28PW8504-8505, 28PW9505, 28PW9515, 28PW9545, 29DS100, 29RT8001 -8005, 29RT8304, 29RT8344, 29RT9005-9006, 29RT9015, 29RT9046, 29RT9055 , 32PW8504-8505, 32PW8604, 32PW8806, 32PW9515, 32PW9523, 32PW9534-9535, 32PW9556, 2PW9566, 82WA8414 Press MUTE on the remote control and no later than 4 seconds "MENU" on the front of the TV. Also possibilities: 
Mode SAM - closed for a second contacts 1 and 2 connector 0356 which is on SSP. 
Mode SDM - closed for a second contacts 2 and 3 of connector 0356 that is on the SSP. 
PHILIPS chassis MG3.1E 28PW9525 28PW8806 28PT7306/58 
Type of remote combination. Then press "MENU" or "i". Presented several variants of code combinations. 
"0" "6" "2" "5" "9" "6" 
"0" "3" "6" "2" "5" "9" "6" 
"0" "4" "6" "2" "5" "9" "6" 
"0" "7" "6" "2" "5" "9" "6" 
"0" "8" "6" "2" "5" "9" "6" 
"0" "3" "6" "5" "9" "6" 
PHILIPS 21PV288/58S EPSILON. To enter service mode to hold the PLAY button on the "TV" button "STOP" on the remote control about 5 seconds. Exit - click on "StandBy" console. 
PHILIPS 14PV100/01 14PV505/58 processor SAA5541PS/M5/0194. Sign in service mode by the standby mode. You must simultaneously pressing "PLAY" on the TV and press "STOP" button on the control, while retain about 10 seconds. 
PHILIPS 28PT4456/00 processor SAA5564PS/M3/0/81. To enter the service to close contact: "GND" and "SMD-servise mode" and turn on the TV in the network that is open 5-15 seconds. 
PHILIPS 25PT4104/58 - two modes of service: 
1) SDM - close control points on the chassis GND and SDM. 
2) SAM-dial on the remote control, without breaks, 062 596 [] button enable OSD. 
PHILIPS - Hotel profiles: 
In models 25PT400/42, 25PT410A/42, 28PT400A/42, 28PT450A/42 hotel mode is activated while pressing the button VOL + and P + on the front panel for several seconds while the program turned 38. Off by pressing VOL-and P-well program in 1938. Programme 38 seconds and used usually for hotel management regime. 
Model R-131, R-132, R-133, R-165 (chassis AA5) - enable channel 38 (this is important for all models), then hold "MENU" on the front and SLEEP (or OSD) on the remote control at least 4 sec. 
H + inscription means that the mode vimkneno, H-off. 
In models 3146, CTT-H instead of clicking on "MENU" button is used SELECT. 
In models 3121 and 3122 while clicking on INSTALL and P + on the front at the time, not less than 3 seconds then turn off the console and enable key P + or P-. 
In models R-217, CV6014, CV6107 clicking on INSTALL front and SLEEP on the remote control. 
In models CV6012, CV6018, CV6109, ANUBIS S (AA, BB, CC, DD) to enable the hotel to keep the regime on the front panel keys and the P-STORE least 3 seconds. enabled the program to 38. To turn off - key P + and VOL-(at least 3 seconds), and in some models - and to turn. 
The model ANUBIS S DD (and some others), hotel mode is possible only when enabled by an option when enabled 246 and channel 40. Possible option: turn on INSTALL and P +, INSTALL off and VOL-. 
The model G8 must select VIDEO 2 mode and within one second press on the remote and TELETEXT FEATURE. Put in the appropriate menu OFF. 
The model G88 as well, but using the SOUND ONLY. 
The model PV4.0 on channel 38 on the remote click "PICTURE MENU" and FEATURE within 1 sec. to turn the hotel and click the PICTURE mode and OSD to turn. 
In models Chassis GR1-AX (8-button front panel) to select channel 38, the simultaneous pressing on for 4 seconds and STORE P + hotel mode switches, STORE and CONTROL + (or STORE and CONTROL-) off. For 3-button front panel - simultaneously press STORE on the front and SLEEPTIMER on the remote for 4 seconds, or SELECT on the front and SLEEPTIMER on the remote. Green Label 'H +' on the screen means that the hotel enabled mode, and 'H-' - disabled.
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