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  1. daca tot e cu cazane si tevi, o sugestie ar fi fost ca potentionetrul de volum sau anumite elemente de comutaj cu ax, sa aiba ca si "buton" o rozeta de robinet
  2. La linkul de mai sus, modificati din .ru in .com, se afiseaza varianta originala in engleza: Ac-dc Dual Voltage 600w Llc Resonant Soft Switching Power Amplifier Switching Power Supply ±24v±36v±50v±80v (optional) - Home Theater Amplifiers - AliExpress Descrierea de jos face toti banii : Please select clear voltage parameters when shooting. It is normal for the output voltage to jump a little under no-load conditions. This is because the no-load chip works in intermittent power-on mode. I know this situation, because any power amplifier board basically consumes about 10 watts of power in standby. If a dummy load is added, it will not be of any use at all except to satisfy some patients with OCD. It will only increase the heat and reduce the temperature. efficiency! In addition, when there is no load, there is a certain error in the positive and negative voltages, which is a normal phenomenon. Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder who are too serious are careful to shoot, because the switching power supply voltage regulation is based on the control of the +VCC path. Compared with -VCC, this path only increases the optocoupler 431. Other components consume power. Because -VCC has no other power consumption, the voltage across the -VCC filter capacitor is a peak virtual power. Although a bleeder resistor is added on the board, it is impossible to target all output voltages. The deviation does not affect the use at all, the reason is this, people who understand it will understand it naturally, don't take it too seriously! In case you still have obsessive-compulsive disorder after reading this description, please add a bleeder resistor between -VCC and ground, such as 10K 33K, etc., when the experiment decides to add a resistor with a suitable resistance value. Negative voltage until you feel satisfied! To be honest, customers with obsessive-compulsive disorder and long-winded customers are really afraid of encountering such a customer.
  3. Toate ecranele oled folosesc filtre de polarizare. Unica exceptie este ultima generatie de amoled de la Samsung, prezenta pe unele din virafurile de gama de telefoane ale lor de anul asta. In rest toate celelalte de pe piata folosesc aceste filtre.
  4. Referitor la OLED si burn in, depinde cum il folosesti. Exista anumite functii de protectie si pentru laptopuri dar gandeste-te ca spre deosebire de tv unde ai pixel shift, la un ecran asa mic unde distanta de vizualizare e mica, nu poti "muta" prea mult imaginea (ai task bar-ul, butoane ferestre etc). Asadar poti avea burn in la OLED pe laptop, doar ca arata ca o pata cu margini mai neuniforme, dat fiind ca exista pixeli comuni ce vor fi iluminati chiar daca faci pixel shift. De asemeni, majoritatea ecranelor de laptop OLED au reflesh rate fix, deci nici asta nu ajuta - un refresh rate mai mic amelioreaza intrucatva problema. Practic, daca foloseste un laptop cu OLED exact cum ai folosi un laptop normal, dupa cam 2 ani ar trebui sa incepi sa vezi ceva artefacte. Ca sa eviti asta, exista tructuri simple care le gasesti si pe net in general: Auto hide pentru task bar Screen saver activat (cu chestii in miscare) sau display ce intra in stand by Cat mai putine iconite pe desktop Wallpaper care se schimba automat la ceva timp Cand nu este necesar, evita sa folosesti ferestre in full screen (anumite elemente grafice se suprapun) Dark mode aplicat pe unde se poate
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